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Which VGA card should I choose among many brands on the market? That must be a concern that many people encounter when they need to equip a computer. Please follow the article below of webgiaidap.com to update 7 best VGA card brands that you should choose.

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Top best VGA brands

What is VGA card?

VGA card is a type of card for display and graphics. VGA stands for the English words Video Graphics Adapter.


Detachable card mounted on the computer

This is a device that plays an important role for those who use high-intensity computers such as in graphics or gaming. VGA card has the function of processing images displayed on the computer screen in the clearest and most accurate way. It effectively supports users in computer operations.

Top 7 best VGA card brands that you should know

Acts as an important piece of hardware for the computer. However, to choose a good VGA card among many brands on the market is not easy. So how not to miss the good VGA card brand? Please continue to follow the article of Hcare for more information.

Famous brand ASUS

In the ranking of 7 good VGA card brands, it is impossible not to mention ASUS. This is a leading “big man” in the production of hardware and electronic devices worldwide. Referring to ASUS, people immediately think of a series of high-quality products from motherboards, VGA cards, components, peripherals to phones, laptops, etc.


ASUS discrete VGA card

As for VGA card products, ASUS appears in all markets with diverse products, from medium to high-end. ASUS makes both VGA cards with GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD. All of these cards are highly regarded for their quality especially for tech lovers and gamers.

In terms of price, ASUS’ VGA card is usually more expensive than other video cards of many other brands in the same segment.

MSI – High quality VGA card

In the next position in the top 7 best VGA card brands is MSI (Micro – Star International). It is one of the leading hardware manufacturing companies in the world.

With the VGA card product, MSI brings to the market high-performance video cards with both NVIDIA and AMD lines. With many product lines of NVIDIA and AMD video cards.

One of the factors that makes the great quality of this brand’s VGA cards is the twin frozr heatsink technology. This technology allows to optimize cooling and quiet for the machine when the card is operating thereby improving the processing speed of the computer. In terms of price, MSI’s VGA card price is similar to ASUS’ VGA level.

Gigabyte’s VGA card

Gigabyte is also one of the world’s famous computer equipment manufacturing companies with diverse products. In which, with VGA card products, Gigabyte also produces two lines of cards, NVIDIA and AMD.

In addition to the two main card lines, Gigabyte also has a separate VGA card product for gaming called AUROS. For AUROS, this is a product with a beautiful, gaming-inspired design that inspires gamers.

The price of products of this brand is cheaper than that of ASUS and MSI, but still higher than many other products in the same segment on the market.

EVGA – VGA card from the US

In the good VGA card brands, it is very flawed to ignore the products of EVGA – National Brand of America. VGA’s video card is known for its high quality, recognized and widely used in the US. However, this brand’s VGA cards are mostly only popular in the US and are less available in other regions.

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In Vietnam, if you want to use the brand’s VGA card, you can buy it through a portable channel.

ZOTAC’s VGA card

If the above brands of VGA cards all have in common that they have good quality but are quite expensive, then Zotac’s card is the right choice for you.


Zotac . VGA Card

Zotac’s VGA card products often have a compact and user-friendly design. Especially, the price of this brand is also “compact” than all the brands mentioned above by Hcare. However, Zotac only produces one line of cards, NVIDIA and does not produce AMD cards.

It can be said that for the mid-range segment, Zotac’s card is a perfect choice for you.

Palit – A brand that excels in quantity

As a brand originating from Taiwan, in terms of brand strength, Palit cannot keep up with big brands such as ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte. But Palit outperforms the above brands in the number of video cards sold in the world.

The reason Palit has such an outstanding number of video card products is because the brand’s VGA card has a good price and beautiful design. In particular, the card of this brand has high performance, suitable for gamers with large resolution to effectively support conquering blockbuster games.

GALAX – Brand from Hong Kong

For mid-range VGA cards, Galax is a brand worth choosing. GALAX is essentially a company owned by the Palit brand.

The line of VGA cards this brand produces is NVIDIA, designed with a pitiful appearance but equally soft with many different colors. The Galaxy’s VGA card has a relatively large heat sink designed to improve the performance of the device. As a mid-range brand, the price of this brand is quite affordable, suitable for the pocket of the majority of users.

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Hcare has just shared with you the top 7 good VGA card brands on the market. Hopefully the information that Hcare shares will make it easier for you to choose the right VGA card. If you are looking for a reputable place to buy VGA cards, please contact us immediately for detailed advice.


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