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Football is considered a king sport, that’s why when participating in the game, the players must comply with certain rules and regulations. One of them is “Fair play”. So what is fair play? How does it manifest in football?…. Follow the article below to find the answer with webgiaidap.com.

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Fair play in the sport of “king”

What is fair play?

When it comes to “Fair play” a lot of people are familiar and use it. However, not everyone understands the true nature of this term in football.

Fair play concept in football

In any sport, especially a crowded sport like football, fair play is an extremely important factor. Fair play is the key word for “playing nice” without playing bad, not making mistakes with the opposing team’s players as well as the referees treating both teams fairly, without favoring either side over the other. The players of the teams respect the rules of the game, the rules of the World Football Federation, etc. Play hard, unite, for the colors of the flag, for the teammates and the fans of the team.


Fair Play in football is an important factor

The important thing is not whether you win or lose, but to give the audience, the fans eye-catching matches, play to the best of your ability, each pass is decisive, beautiful, respect the rules. play,… is the pinnacle expression of Fair play in football.

Fair play rules in football

It is not natural that many leagues have a Fair play award for the best team. Fair play is not only about action and gameplay, but it also shows human nature.

Even though a team loses, if they play hard, “play nice” without making bad mistakes with their friends, etc., they will still become the championship team in the hearts of fans and vice versa, even though a couple wins, played badly, made many mistakes, was biased by the referee, etc., even though they won, they did not receive high praise from the fans.

It is because of the values ​​that fair play is beautiful that Fifa – World Football Federation has promulgated the Fair Play law to further improve discipline as well as preserve and protect the good values ​​that this king sport. bring. However, Fair Play rules are not clearly regulated and have not had a great impact on tournaments and players. Surely it will take time for this law to really go into each match.

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This code was applied for the first time in the 2018 World Cup. In this rule, there are full provisions to be able to maintain the beautiful rules of the game between the teams. Besides, there are also very clear regulations on penalties for non-Fair Play teams or players.

Further promoting the values ​​of Fair Play in football

Fair play is a phrase that is mentioned in all professional football tournaments. Football is not just a sport but it is also a miniature society with all the elements in which people are the subjects that determine the development of that society… Playing nice, playing with the nature is very important to determine the success of the match.

In order to do so, each individual player, coach, and those responsible for leading the team need to build their own beautiful spirit of competition, understanding that the core value of football is not winning or losing. If you lose, you will do your best to dedicate yourself to the top matches, turning your passion into a battle fire.


Further promoting the values ​​of Fair Play in football

Human nature, needs to be trained in many different situations, football is also the same in stressful matches, keeping yourself “a cool head and a warm heart” will forge your will, your person becomes a lot better and braver

It is necessary to condemn and denounce cases and behaviors with a lack of professional attitude and lack of fair play not only of the players but also of the referees and tournament organizers to further clean up the sport. The most watchable sport on this planet.

The unions need to be more careful in monitoring the fair play in each match. Because it does not simply stop at ethical and human issues, but now it has a separate law for this issue. Therefore, we need to take a more careful look in each match.

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Above is some information around the issue of Fair Play in football, hope that the article has brought you useful and interesting information. Fair play is not just about doing your best to win, but it also shows the nature of each person. Therefore, each of us who are passionate about this king sport also need to raise the spirit of Fair Play by ourselves, so that we can protect and promote the good values ​​​​that football brings to people.

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