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If you are looking to become a fan of Kpop, the first thing you need to do is immediately update the 10 terms below, if you do not want to be lost in the Kpop fandom.

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Kpop is probably too familiar to Vietnamese young people, not only because of its catchy melody and handsome “oppa”, but also because Kpop always knows how to renew itself and constantly catch tastes. However, if you are not a long-time fan of Kpop, you will probably be surprised when encountering commonly used terms. Read the article now to learn the top 10 terms that Kpop fans need to know!

1. What is debut?

In English debut means appearance or debut. This is a very common term used in many fields, not just showbiz, in Kpop debut is used to refer to the stage debut, the first appearance, the debut of a new idol group or singer. Not only that, many Korean newspapers also use it to refer to the idolgroup’s comeback after a period of silence.


Recently debuted girl group ITZY

For trainees of big entertainment companies, debut is considered a very important event and it is something they always look forward to. Therefore, in order to debut, Kpop idols always have to show good ability and prepare well. If the debut is successful and well-received by the audience, the singer, group, and actor will leap into the sky, but if it’s faint, it’s considered empty-handed.

So, for Kpop, the debut event is considered a game of chance “all-or-nothing” it all depends on the audience. However, if carefully prepared and widely promoted, it seems that no group will be “ignored” in Korea.

Referring to the successful debut, the name that cannot be ignored is Miss A with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”. Immediately after its release, the song quickly attracted the audience and won the first trophy on a music chart after only 22 days. Not stopping there, “Bad Girl Good Girl” also showed its influence when it won 3 important prizes at MAMA 2010. So it’s easy to understand why, Miss A became the only group in Kpop history. whose debut song won song of the year award.


Miss A debuted very successfully with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”

After Miss A, there are many other names that are considered successful debuts such as: “MAMA” – EXO, “Boombayah” – Black Pink, “Fire” – 2NE1, “Into The New World” – SNSD, “This Song” – 2AM, “Like Ooh Ahh” – Twice, etc. Outside of groups, there are also a number of idols who have successfully debuted solo after separating, such as: CL, HyunA, Sunmi, Hyorin, TaeYeon, Ji Eun, Ga in, Suzy,…

2. What is bias?

Normally, if you love Kpop music, you will choose an idol and be loyal to that person. The term Bias was also born from that, to refer to an idol that you idolize the most in a band, so you will treat this member favorably and favorably over others.

Idol is considered a meaningful word of Bias, if idol has a broad meaning of only Korean idols, Bias only encapsulates one person. In addition to Bias, there are 2 other terms related to it that are Ultimate Bias (your favorite actor, singer) and Bias Wrecker (meaning the idol that made fans give up the original Bias to switch to their fans. )

3. What is Fanchant?

For Kpop idols, fanchant is an indispensable cultural feature, the more majestic and fierce the fanchant proves that the idol has many powerful and loyal fans. As for fans, fanchant is a way to show their affection for idols. So what is Fanchant?


Fanchant is a way to show your love for idols

Fanchant is a keyword created by fans and agreed from the beginning to support their idols. Expressed specifically by singing along or repeating the last or special lyrics of the song the idol is performing. Fanchant is currently very popular in our country.

4. What is Repackage Album?

Repackage Album is a quite new and strange term, maybe many longtime fans have to think hard when they hear it. It is a word used to refer to the act of replaying an old Album, which includes many new title songs or remixing songs from the old album.

In Kpop Repackage Album, it usually takes place right after the marketing activities of the old album have just ended. Repackage Album does not require or require any standards, so the producer will inherit the story line to continue the story or can also go in an unrelated direction “all new” to create curious effects. of the audience.

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One of the idolgroup or Repackage Album we can mention is XOXO and the album Growl, EXODUS with the album Love Me Right.

5. What is nugu?

The term Nugu in Kpop means “someone” or “who”, so if someone asks Nugu, it means that the idol or group you are a fan of is unknown, newly formed or unknown. Nugu in many cases has 2 meanings, maybe they are asking you to introduce your idol or are mean to disparage your idol for not being famous.

6. What is Selca?

Selca is a word that has the same meaning as Selfie. Before the word selfie was widely used as it is today, young Koreans used the word Selca to refer to the act of taking a picture of themselves in the mirror or taking a selfie (taking a photo of yourself without asking someone else).


Selca is also known as selfie or Selfie

The word Selca is a compound word of “self” (self) and “camera” (take a photo), so whether Selca, selfie or Selfie are used to refer to an action only.

7. What is flop that Kpop uses so often?

In terms of the original meaning in English, Flop can be roughly translated as to slip, to disappoint, to fail or to be unworthy of expectations. Therefore, when applied in Kbiz Flop, it refers to a certain group, actor, idol or song that was once very famous and expected but gradually lost its image, lacked expertise because of scandals and lost it. The famous.


SNSD’s Mr Mr is said to be one of the flop songs

Kpop history recognizes SNSD’s hit song “Mr” as a flop because it was leaked before its broadcast and had to be modified, and the MV was too superficial and lacked proper… Apart from the national group, Kpop There used to be a group called Kiss&cry, although they had good and uniform choreography and vocal skills, the group just debuted flop and was permanently removed from the list of Kpop Idols for some behind-the-scenes reasons.

8. What is Bash?


Bash in Kpop is quite understandable, if Bias is an idol, then Bash is hate and criticism. So once someone uses the term Bash, it means they really hate that idol or group, in any move or action they are strongly criticized, criticized and “disliked”. Although it is also hate, Bash is more personal than antifan, and in a group you have the right to Bias one member and Bash another member is not a strange thing.

However, for groups, single-member Bash is not accepted by fans. Therefore, you can only openly Bias and not Bash a certain member, because both idols and fandom consider Bash to be an act of disunity and internal turmoil.

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9. What is an Idol?


Idol is translated into Vietnamese as an idol, ie someone who is worshiped, admired, etc. If you are a Kpop fan, the term is too familiar. However, it is not encapsulated in Kpop but is also used in many other cases and countries such as Vietnam Idol, American Idol, etc., meaning talented, outstanding and superior people.

10. What is Stan?

Stan is a word that appears in an Eminem song, it means crazy behavior for a certain idol. So, if someone says “I’m a BTS stan”, you know who they are!


BTS is one of the groups with many stans

Above are the top 10 terms that Kpop fans need to know, there are many more implicit terms and laws when becoming a fandom of any Korean group or idol that you need to know, continue to follow webgiaidap.com News to let’s update!

There are also many other terms that are also used frequently in the kpop world such as:

-Aegyo (Cute gestures)

-Sasaeng (crazy fan)

-Daebak (Awesome)


To learn more, you can visit:Terms that all Kpop fans need to know


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