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What is Free, how to use the word Free? Free size, Freelancer, Free Dos…. what. Let’s house of knowledge Find out through this article.

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What is Free?

Free is a common English word and it was introduced into Vietnamese for a long time and is used quite commonly. It has two main meanings in English: free and free. How to read is a bit difficult: Fluffy, weak words read lightly and only let the lower lip touch the teeth and then read carefully.

Usage changes over time and context, it is a word most expected for shopaholics.


How to use Free is common in English?

Free is an adjective. The correct way to use English grammar is to put the word Free in front of the services you need customers to know: it’s free. For example:

What is free shipping?

Free shipping is free shipping.

What is Free Delivery?

Free delivery is free shipping.

What is Free Coke?

Free coke is a free soft drink.

What are free powerpoint templates?

Free powerpoint template is a free powerpoint background template.

What is free size?

Free size or Clothes Free size is for tailoring clothes with no size restrictions. Anyone can face. Can’t distinguish the sizes M, L, XL, etc.

What is Freelancer?

Freelancer is a freelancer who does not belong to any Freelancer company. Do it whenever you like. If you don’t have guests, you’ll be starving

What is Free Antivirus?

Free antivirus refers to free antivirus software. These can be mentioned as Avast, Avira,….

What operating system is free dos?

Free dos is an open source operating system. It is very similar to Microsoft’s MSDOS. Like it’s more free, no royalties. Computer manufacturers often pre-install this. To be able to reduce the maximum cost for products to increase competitiveness.

See more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeDOS

What is free dos laptop?

Free dos laptop refers to laptops (laptops) with the above Free Dos operating system installed. The purpose of this is to reduce the cost of the product. Let users decide which operating system they want to install.

For example:

Usually laptops will install copyrighted Windows. Which is already a copyright product will cost money to buy. So that cost will be included in the product price.

What if the buyer, they do not like to use Microsoft’s Windows operating system. They can use other operating systems like Unbutu or other operating systems, for example.

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So why do they have to buy a laptop with Windows pre-installed when they don’t use it. Therefore, choosing to buy a Free Dos Laptop is their choice. To save operating system license costs.

As for laptop manufacturers, they can diversify products and reach more users.

What is a free kick?

Free kick is a direct free kick in football. Specifically a set-piece that occurs when an attacking player is heavily fouled by the opposing defense outside the penalty area.

Unlike indirect free kicks, direct free kicks can produce goals. Because an indirect free kick requires a person to touch the ball to be recognized as a goal.

In addition, the word Free can be used to call someone to be natural and comfortable, then use the phrase: Take it free or Please feel free

In special cases, a software or product is given a free version, people use from Freeware.

How to use Free popular in Vietnamese?

The word free in Vietnamese is often used with a humorous meaning or to talk about being free.

What is Free Meal?

Free food is free food. Like being fed by friends, boss treats. Or win something to eat for free.

Free wifi network?

Free wifi network refers to places that allow free Internet access without charge. Like out famous public places, there will often be free Wifi networks to be able to use.

The downside is the speed limit, which is often unstable due to too many users.

Some other examples of how to use the word Free in Vietnamese:

The gifts are so pretty! Free hong? (instead of a free gift) It’s free! How many are there! (instead of “Give it away”) Summer is free – Go as much as you like…

The word free is often inserted in the sayings of young people in urban and rural areas. Even in products aimed at young people, companies use the word free in their ads to attract attention and also create intimacy. In general, for young people, seeing the word Free is paying attention and feeling like it.

As for the elderly or middle-aged people who have not yet adapted to this way of inserting words, they should be used with caution for this audience, because they always tend to preserve the purity of Vietnamese, inserting foreign words can sometimes have the opposite effect. .

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Hope through the article What is Free and how is it commonly used in English and Vietnamese? was able to help you understand how to use the word Free in English and Vietnamese. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. See you in another post.


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