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Every day, when communicating normally, somewhere we still hear the word “GEI” from young people. Many people wonder, not even know what gei is.

What’s So Proud to share with you through the following sharing.

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What is a GEI statement?

The situation is when friends go together, admiringly looking at a girl.

A: Wow, why is there such a beauty?

B: (after looking at it for a while) – Okay, I’m going to die!

Why so?

Explanation: usually women will like men. But when B sees a beautiful girl, he turns to like her (Gei).

This phenomenon happens often and the word “Gei” is used by many female friends.


Where does the name “Gei” come from?

Referring to the birth of “Gei”, you will have to pay attention to the definition of “Les” and “Gay” first.

Les : girls like girls Gay : boys like boys.

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“GEI” is the buzzword of people who want to refer to a group of female friends who like femininity like themselves, or themselves. “GEI” is similar to “Gay”, but it is about homosexuality in women.

Typically, when you see a group of friends that are too close to each other, someone will say “get GEI” to each other. They mean a gathering, a place where groups of friends gather. But this is not a disparaging way of saying things, but just a funny way of talking.

So is les any different from gei?

Les means gay, is a woman who likes women in terms of gender, and gei is just a woman who likes women but still likes men.

Les can both like women and also like gei, long-term feelings. And gei is a woman who likes women, but only a short-term, temporary feeling.

Hope the sharing about what GEI is to help you have more gender knowledge. Not all Geis are gay, gei is just a phenomenon that happens at the moment of speaking.

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