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Further investigation is required, because the issues are too important for simply assuming that persistence and intractability definitely imply an organic genesis.
The intuitive leaps, plus some delightfully contorted metaphors, remind us too much of this work”s genesis in a course of lectures.
The views of the examples do not represent the views of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or of its licensors.
They include elaborate reconstructions of landscape genesissystematic regional surveys and large-scale excavations of settlements and cemeteries.
One is to trace their genesis in a shared context, to give a historical account that is rich enough to cover diverse cultural expressions.
They discovered beneath the surface of the domesticated landscape the remains of a primeval savagery and contributed to an understanding of the genesis of civilization.
This is a book for architects, structural engineers and architectural historians – and also for anyone interested in the genesis of structural form.

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While each has a distinct set of meaning and a distinctive genesisthe three have become interpenetrating, and in some contexts difficult to separate.
It creates an external relation between emotions and rituals in an attempt to provide an account of the latter in terms of their psychology genesis.
Critical analysis questions ask the genesis and justification of patient selection criteria, as well as consider their meaning and impact in the relevant policy domain.
Unquestionably, the development of population as an object of study owes its genesis to that quintessential sign of modernity: the modern census.


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