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Gout is known as a “rich man’s disease”, but now, along with the development of society, the rate of people suffering from this disease tends to increase, especially in young people.

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1. Learn about Gout2. Causes of gout2.2. Secondary cause 4. Distinguish between acute and chronic gout8. Gout Treatment Methods

1. Learn about Gout

1.2. What is Gout?

Gout is a sudden type of arthritis that causes redness and pain in the joints. The main cause is due to the accumulation of uric acid in the blood causing inflammation in the joints. (According to Medicalnewstoday.com)

Uric acid plays a role in stimulating brain development and is also a good antioxidant. In case of uric acid deficiency, it can impair the ability to synthesize some substances in the body. But when uric acid levels are too high, they cannot be completely eliminated, so they will deposit and form urate salt crystals in the joints, causing inflammation.

This long-term condition will form gout.

The most characteristic of gout is sudden pain, typically at night, causing swelling in the joints of the legs, less commonly in the joints of the hands (hands, wrists, elbows).

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Combined use of TPBVSK Tam Binh gout tablets

In parallel with the daily diet, you can combine the use of TPBVSK with Tam Binh gout tablets to help reduce the pain symptoms of gout.

With ingredients from natural herbs such as hy thiem, wild wolf leaves, dong quai, dong quai, tu phu Linh, old core gas, toxic activity, ox tat, pixie, Qin Giao, feng shui, prefabricated code powder , TPBVSK Tam Binh gout tablets for gout sufferers, have the following uses:

Support to reduce pain symptoms due to gout Support diuretic Increase uric acid excretion

The direct cause of gout is high levels of uric acid in the blood, which causes urate salt crystals to form in the joints, which leads to inflammation. Therefore, in order to limit the pain caused by gout, it is necessary to control the uric acid index. The addition of TPBVSK Tam Binh gout tablets will support kidney and kidney function, diuretic, blood activity and promote liver and kidney detoxification, thereby increasing uric acid excretion.

In addition, when preparing herbs based on modern technology, it helps to retain a large amount of essence, thereby assisting in the prevention and relief of gout symptoms such as reducing swelling and pain in the joints, reduce acute gout attacks in chronic gout.

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10. Doctor’s advice for people with gout

According to Ths.Bs Nguyen Thi Hang, for people with gout, besides a scientific diet, it is necessary to combine reasonable exercise and choose appropriate exercises. Specifically:

Limit the use of purine-rich foods such as seafood and red meatsIncrease the addition of green vegetables, foods rich in fiber and green vegetables Limit the use of alcohol, stimulants Choose moderate exercises such as walking, cycling car, swimmingRegular health check-up to control uric acid levels in the blood

The above are measures to help limit the recurrence of pain, improve the health of the patient. However, in acute gout attacks, the patient should not exercise vigorously to avoid injuring the inflamed joints.


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