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In a previous article, ITNavi shared with readers about Big Data, which is a huge data warehouse used for many areas in life. Next, let’s learn about Hadoop one of the core, foundational technologies dedicated to data storage and access purposes. If you’re looking to find out What is Hadoop? as well as how Hadoop works, you should not ignore the article that we share below.

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1 What is the definition of Hadoop?4 What problem does Hadoop solve and how to solve it?5 What are the stages of Hadoop operation?

What is the definition of Hadoop?

Before diving into the concept of Hadoop, let’s learn a bit about the history of Hadoop.

Overview of the history of formation

Hadoop was officially released in 2005 by Apache Software Corporation. Apache Software is one of the non-profit organizations dedicated to the production of software as well as open source code from which to support other platforms on the Internet.


How does Hadoop work?

What are the operational phases of Hadoop?

State 1

All users or applications will be able to submit a job to Hadoop (hadoop job client) to be able to propose basic information processing requests such as:

Where to store input and output data on a distributed system of data. Most java classes in the jar format will contain command lines that can be executed through the map and reduce functions. Devices specific to or related to jobs are passed through parameters.

Phase 2

Stage 3

TaskTrackers are located on nodes that will execute for MapReduce tasks so that they can return results in the form of output stored right in the file system.

When you run Hadoop, you are also running daemons or other resident programs right on different servers located on your network.

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These daemons will often have specific roles, so metrics that exist on a server can exist on many different servers.

Some other daemons include:



Surely with the useful knowledge above, readers have understood better What is Hadoop? Currently, the demand for data storage of enterprises is increasing day by day. Therefore, human resources proficient in this platform are also a recruitment demand that many companies are aiming for. If you are passionate about this platform, do not forget to give it a try. Wish you early success!

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