What is hand luggage in English?

When you want to travel abroad, in addition to preparing your belongings and luggage, you also need to prepare the language to easily exchange and communicate with airport staff abroad. Therefore, mastering English vocabulary at the airport will be of great help and become an effective tool for you. In this article, Language Link Academic will summarize English vocabulary words at the airport so that readers can save and learn when needed.

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Some common sayings at the airport

Passengers are not to leave luggage unattended. (Please be careful to keep your luggage with you)How many pieces? (How many pieces of luggage are there?)Place them on the scales please. (Please put your luggage on the scale)This one could go on as carry on luggage if you like. (This is hand luggage if you want)Please make sure there are no sharp objects in your hand luggage. (Please note do not bring sharp objects in hand luggage)Your boarding passes and your departure card. Please fill it out and hand it in at the Immigration desk. (This is your boarding pass and here is your exit declaration. Please fill it out and submit it at the immigration desk)

In addition, to make your trip more complete, you can refer to the article: Traveling abroad “to become a god” with a set of English travel vocabulary. Besides, 80 English words about means of transport can also help you!

Summary, English vocabulary at the airport is a very necessary group of words, an indispensable luggage when traveling abroad. It will help you to be confident when communicating with foreigners when checking in. Not only that, pocketing these words will also make it easier and save you more time in the check-in, exit and entry stages before the flight.

Besides improving your vocabulary, taking a professional conversational English course is essential for you to be able to converse fluently with native speakers. Wish you have a nice holiday!

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