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In recent years, people in the Mekong Delta are constantly facing unusually high tides. However, not everyone understands this natural phenomenon well. In today’s article, we will learn with you what high tide is, what causes high tide and how it affects it.

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What is a tidal wave?

The first thing you need to understand is that a high tide is not a tide. Accordingly, tides are the rise and fall of water levels in rivers, seas, etc. in a time cycle. This situation occurs due to the combined self-action of the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun acting and the process by which the moon revolves around the Earth.


High tide (high tide) and low tide (low water)

Every day, there will be 2 high tides and 2 low tides divided into 4 phases: high tide, high tide, low tide, low tide. In which, high tide is one of the four phases of the tide. In English, the tide is “flood tide“.

High tide will be the phenomenon of highest water level rise. At this time, the moon – sun – earth are aligned, this will make the moon and sun exert the greatest force on the earth. This situation usually falls on the 30th and 15th of the 16th lunar month.

Causes of high tides

According to experts, the main cause of high tides is the attraction of the sun and moon to the earth.

Everyone knows that the moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth, the average distance is about 384,400km, between the Earth and the moon there is always an attraction to bring them closer together, but this attraction will be compensated by the centrifugal force of the Earth, as well as that of the Moon, which will always revolve around their centers of inertia.


The cause of high tides is due to the “gravity” of the Moon

The centrifugal force of the Earth and the gravitational force from the Moon will offset each other. However, at a certain point on the earth’s surface, the two forces change in opposite directions so that the two forces do not complement each other, which is also the source of the tides.

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At the moment when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned (there are 2 cases where the moon is between the sun and the earth; the earth is between the moon and the sun), the moon’s gravity will act large enough to reach the earth and create a strong force. According to the gravitational pull of the moon, the water level in rivers and seas will rise very high, thereby causing high tides.

In addition, the strength will also change according to the season. During the summer the tides are at their weakest and in the winter the tides are at their strongest.

The reason is that in winter, the two yang ends of the sun and moon are close together, thereby creating a greater repulsion. This thrust will have a great impact on the earth and lead to the highest tides. And in the summer, the two negative ends of the sun and the moon are close together, the thrust will be smaller, making the tides weakest.

What is the impact of high tide?

It is undeniable that the benefits that tides in general and high tides in particular bring such as:

Navigating sea traffic and shipping easily Provides a source of energy for hydroelectric power plants. Impacts on marine ecosystems, food supply, and habitat for coastal animals.

In addition, the high tide also contributed a large part to the victories on the Bach Dang River in 938 of Ngo Quyen against the Southern Han army and of the Tran Dynasty against the Mong-Nguyen army in 1288.

However, this situation also significantly affects the daily life of the people. The most typical example must be mentioned is the abnormal high tide situation in the Mekong Delta provinces, especially in provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho…


High tide turns people’s lives upside down

The situation of high tide caused many areas where people lived, causing localized flooding on a large scale. Moreover, high tide often occurs at times that coincide with the time people have to go to work, students go to school or the time of work, which seriously affects travel.

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The rising tide greatly affects the movement of people


Not only that, many production areas were severely damaged, affecting the production life of people.

High tides cause great damage to the rice growing area in the Mekong Delta

Above is the information to help you answer questions about what is high tide, the causes leading to high tide. Hopefully, the above sharing will be useful to you in life and to update more useful information, don’t forget to follow our latest articles.


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