What is HP 3d driveguard?

Touch screens are gradually becoming popular with laptops running Windows 8 operating system, but remote motion recognition technology is starting to interest users. Recently, almost all new laptop models have come with this modern technology integrated for users to experience.

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What is motion recognition technology?

Microsoft Kinect has breathed new life into the way users control technology devices. Instead of having to use a control device, owners can simply use gestures to command the machine or play games. On laptop models, this technology is also gradually being applied. The motion recognition still only stops in the “stub” form such as waving back and forth to control the photo viewer, changing songs, etc. it is done by the machine through the webcam placed in front. This technology will soon be upgraded in the near future.

Some laptop models have motion recognition technology

HP Envy 17: this is the world’s first laptop to apply motion recognition technology. This computer has built-in Leap Motion motion detection sensor into the palm rest of the device. In addition to the touch screen, touchpad, keyboard, users can also interact with the computer through gestures in 3D space with high accuracy. In terms of configuration, Envy 17 Leap Motion SE uses a 17-inch Full-HD screen with touch options, fourth-generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, NVIDIA discrete graphics card, and dark HDD. up to 2TB, up to 16GB RAM.

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The laptop integrates the Leap Motion motion sensor into the palm rest of the device

HP Probook 450 G3: the product is equipped with a Core i5-6200U configuration clocked at 2.3GHz, supporting Turbo Boost technology up to 2.8GHz and 3MB Cache, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3L ram, integrated graphics chip new Intel HD Graphics 520 better graphics processing, 4K support, 2 dual-channel RAM slots, up to 16 GB upgradeable. Data on the hard drive is protected against mechanical shocks thanks to 3D DriveGuard technology with 3-D motion recognition sensors.

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3D DriveGuard technology with 3D motion recognition sensor

HP Envy 13Laptop is integrated with Core i5-7200U processor (2.5 GHz, 3MB), 4GB RAM helps to multitask well for all tasks, and helps the machine save power optimally. In particular, the machine also has a 256GB SSD hard drive for faster booting or data transfer. HP Envy 13 is supported with Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card on QHD standard screen and Intel Kaby Lake CPU, for the ability to operate and process graphics more efficiently than other Onboard lines in the same segment. Therefore, users can also enjoy watching 4K videos, 360-degree videos or experience top 3D graphics games just in this wonderful Envy 13.


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