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What is HTTPS? Why use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP? The answer will be answered by us through the article below.

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With the speed of development of the internet network today has opened a new era of change of the website system. The most typical example is that the HTTP protocol used in the past has been gradually replaced by HTTPS.


So you already know what HTTPS is? Why use HTTPS? Let’s find the answer through the article below of Long Van.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is a protocol that makes the transfer of hypertext extremely secure. In fact, HTTPS is a protocol that is integrated with a security certificate from HTTP for the purpose of encrypting communication information to increase security. Or to put it more simply, HTTPS is a version of HTTPS that counts higher security and safety.


The principle of operation of HTTPS is similar to HTTPS, but the only difference is that HTTPS is added with an SSL certificate – Secure Sockets Layer (secure drive layer) or TLS – Transport Layer Security (transport layer security). Until now, SSL and TLS are the two leading security standards for websites in the world.

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Both SSL and TLS use asymmetric PKI – Public Key Infrastructure. The feature of this system is the use of two keys to encrypt communications, a public key and a private key.

Things encrypted with the public key are decrypted with the private keys, and vice versa. Before transmitting content, these standards will be encrypted and decoded upon receipt. This, even if the information is stolen, cannot be understood.

Why use HTTPS protocol?

Previously, HTTPS was only used for banking, financial, and e-commerce websites to secure all information when making online payments. But now, HTTPS has become a must-have security standard for websites that businesses must meet. The reason is because?

HTTPS secures user information well


Using the HTTPS protocol, you can trust that your messages will stay intact, unaltered and unaltered from the original data.

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Avoid being scammed by fake website

In fact, any server can be your server to steal user information. If HTTPS is used, the browser on the client is required to check the SSL certificate from the server before the data between the server and the client is encrypted for exchange. Especially the TSL / SSL certificate will help your website be verified as the owner.

Increase credibility with users

Current web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge will have warnings to users about unsafe websites.

A website cannot function without users. So protecting your users is about protecting your website. If users feel unsafe when using the site, then you will lose a large number of your existing users.

Very effective with SEO

Google has announced that it will speed up search rankings for websites using the HTTPS protocol. This means that sites that have not yet converted will have a limited competitive advantage over HTTPS sites. So if your business/organization is doing SEO via Google, don’t forget to switch to HTTPS from now on.

How to convert to HTTPS protocol?

Once you know the benefits of user information security, how to switch to HTTPS protocol?

You should know that all newly created websites are HTTP protocol and if you want to switch to HTTPS, you need to install an SSL or TLS certificate.

There are two ways to install a certificate that converts to HTTPS protocol as follows:

Method 1: Buy SSL certificates from providers

Some reputable providers you can refer to include:

+ DigiCert – https://www.digicert.com+ Entrust Datacard – https://www.entrustdatacard.com+ Comodo SSL – https://comodosslstore.com+ GeoTrust – https://www.geotrust.com/+ GlobalSign – https http://www.globalsign.com


Method 2: Use HTTPS installation services from web design companies

You just need to pay a suitable fee and the partner company will complete the remaining steps.

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Through this article, you must have understood the benefits and importance of using HTTPS protocol. Therefore, do not hesitate but take steps to secure your website right now. Surely the security of information will make your website safer and more attractive to users.


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