what is i miss you

It’s too common to use the phrase “I miss you” with the people you love. You should update yourself with these 5 ways to convey emotions to important people in the best way!

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I can’t wait to see you again

“I can’t wait to see you again” roughly translates to Vietnamese as “I can’t wait to see you again”. It expresses your longing and longing when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. Maybe it’s your parents, your family or your own friends and you’re looking forward to that day.

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In addition, “I can’t wait to see you again” can also express your feelings. For example, a close friend comes to your house to play for 2 days, you eat together, rest, go to coffee, shop, etc. But the day has come when he has to go home. And this saying will definitely show your mind to your friend.


I wish you were here

When your friend is far away, and you are facing a lot of pressure, you remember the good time you had with this friend and the saying “I wish you were here right now”. you are here now) is your wish to meet that friend right now.

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You’ve been on my mind

This is a phrase for couples who want to express romance. Let’s say you had a great date and when you come home, you miss that girl so much. This means you are really into her. So why not show her how you feel? Now send this message to her: “You’ve been on my mind”.

I crave for you

Another romantic saying that couples often use when they are not together. I crave for you – I really want you. Sayings express all the wishes that people want to express.

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All I do is thinking of you. Your absence is more irritating than your presence

Translated as “All I do is think about you. Your absence annoys me more than when you’re around.” This sentence is used when someone next to you often annoys you very much with their noise, but when they are absent, you think of them and miss them very much.

Here are 5 common sayings when you want to show your love to someone instead of saying “I miss you”! Isn’t it wonderful when those who love you receive such sweet messages from you? Teen please Learn English effectively Learn how to learn synonyms like this so that your English becomes more vivid and seasoned!

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