What is in English?

The way to read the amount in English is similar to that in Vietnamese. Knowing how to say and write money is very important in everyday life. If you are going to study abroad, settle down or travel, it is impossible not to pocket the knowledge in this lesson!

Before going into the lesson, webgiaidap.com will guide you through some essential vocabulary, as well as common currency units, along with the numbers in English that you already know, you already have enough vocabulary. to say all the prices, the amount I want.

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Some vocabulary about money

Reading convention Vietnamese language unit
Hundred /ˈhʌndrəd/ hundred
thousand /ˈθaʊz(ə)nd/ thousand/ thousand
Million /ˈmɪljən/ million
Millionaire /mɪljəˈnɛː/ Millionaire
Billion (USA) /ˈbɪljən/ Billion
Billionaire /bɪljəˈnɛː/ billionaire

Some popular currencies in the world

Currency unit Abbreviation
US Dollar USD
Euro EUR
British Pounds GBP
Indian Rupees INR
Australian Dollar AUD
Canadian Dollar CAD
Singapore Dollar SGD
Swiss Francs CHF
Malaysian Ringgit MYR
Japanese Yen JPY
Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY

How to read the amount in English

To read the amount in English is very simple, you just apply as in Vietnamese and then add the currency but need Note some key points as follows:

When from thousand, million and billion or more, use commas to separate hundreds, thousands, millions and billions no, not using “dot” as in Vietnamese.“A” can replace “one” and use “and” before the last number.You need to add the sign hyphen for the numbers 21-99.Add “s” after the currency when the amount is greater than 1.“Only” means even.

To understand better, let’s see the example below:


1,000,000 won: One million Vietnam dongs (only). (One hundred thousand even).8,969,000 won: Eight million nine hundred and sixty-nine thousand Vietnam dongs.55$ – Fifty-five dollars125€ – A hundred and twenty-five euros.


How to read the amount in English

How to read change in English

With the Vietnamese currency, there are no odd numbers, but the currencies of other countries do, so you also need to pay attention to this case. You can Use the word “point” to separate even and odd numbers, or you can also break down the amount into smaller units to read.


$41.99 -> Read as Fourty-one point ninety-nine dolars.

Fourty-one dollars and ninety-nine cents.

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€76.39 –> Seventy- six euros thirdty-nine.


– 0.01$ = one cent = a penny.– 0.05$ = five cents = a nickel.– 0.1$ = ten cents = a dime.– 0.25$ = twenty-five cents = a quarter.– 0.5$ = fifty cents = half dollar (not so common a coin).

Experience when learning to read such odd currencies, you need to follow 3 steps.

Steps to practice reading change in EnglishStep 1: round number before reading. The rule is that we only keep 2 digits in the odd part. The principle of rounding is similar to the rule of rounding odd numbers in Vietnamese.Step 2: separate integer and odd parts for reading.Step 3: finally combine to read.Ex: 643,686$Round to: $643.69 Split reading: 643 – Six hundred fourty-three dolars and 69 – Sixty-nine cents.69$ Six hundred fourty-three dolars sixty-nine cents.

Exercises to apply

Write down how to read the numbers below and practice again by not looking at the paper but reading.

167,000 VND.2,999,000 VND93,000VND1$7€7,395.836,000VND89¥941,596,638,000VND41,492,429,000VND3,256,000VND


167,000 VND. -> One hundred and sixty-seven thousand Vietnam dongs.2,999,000 VND -> Two million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand Vietnam dongs.93,000VND -> Ninety-three thousand Vietnam dongs.1$ -> One dolar.7€ -> Seven pounds7,395,836,000VND -> Seven billion three hundred ninety-five million eight hundred and thirty-six thousand Vietnam dongs.89¥ -> Six point eighty-nine Yens.941,596,638,000VND -> Nine hundred fourty-one billion five hundred ninety- six million six hundred and thirty-eight thousand Vietnam dongs.41,492,429,000VND -> Fourty-one billion four hundred ninety-two million four hundred and twenty-nine thousand Vietnam dongs.3,256,000VND -> Three million two hundred and fifty-six thousand Vietnam dongs.

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You see how to read the amount in English is quite similar to Vietnamese, right! However, to master it, you need to practice a lot.

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