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Following the indie flow that is covering the foreign music scene by BUD, Gotye…, Vietnamese music is gradually adopting this trend with increasing attraction from DA LAB, Ngot Band, Vu…

This year’s Moonsoon Music Festival by Tu will follow the music theme of Indie artists, which is being pursued by many Vietnamese vocalists.

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What is indie?

Indie (from “Independent” – independent) is not a genre of music like pop, Rn’B or EDM. It is the collective name of a musical trend created by independent artists who compose, arrange and record their own songs; instead of depending on the management company, communication strategies…

Popular DJ Lost Frequencies with hits like Reality, Are you with me…will perform at the Monsoon Music Festival.

As the name suggests, Indie artists are independent in their music and are not dependent on anyone else. Today’s entertainment industry operates with a sophisticated system related to strategy, management, image and communication, not just music. In contrast, Indie artists separate from those things to freely express their own nature.

Sometimes they will put that song online for everyone to enjoy. The most popular are on the online music site Soundcloud and Spotify. There are also some cases where the artist wants to sell his disc instead of releasing it for free. At that time, they will have to find a printing house, a record factory, a publishing company… Not as noisy as the big stars, they still have a certain weight in the music-loving community.

One of the world’s most famous Indie artists is Gotye. Song Somebody that I used to know He sang with Kimbra, which “stormed” on Billboard and major and small music charts in the US in 2011.

Lavagance – indie pop group from Slovakia.

However, there are still many controversies surrounding the phrase “Indie”, and Lana Del Rey is also a story worth discussing. Lana Del Rey’s music is different from other singers of the time. It’s a bit more classic and narrative, with many metaphorical visuals, giving Lana such a distinct style that many people favorably call her the one who is credited with promoting the Indie line. However, with the support of the management company, she is a public star, not an Indie artist.

The intersection between Indie and popular music

It would be easy to compare underground and overground/main stream, but hard to distinguish between Indie and popular music because there is no artist name attached. Many big names in the idol music world still look to Indie to refresh their image and find new inspiration in composing and performing.

If the Indie artist accepts to sell the song to the star, the song is no longer Indie. But Indie music still exists and it will create popular music but with Indie sound, creating a cross between the two groups.

Vietnam is not an exception to that trend. Many famous singers record and release songs by Indie artists. Notably recently there are Kiss you by Min, composed by Trang – an independent artist who often posts songs on Soundcloud.

To be fair, Kiss you gave Min a different musical color, creating a certain highlight. But Trang’s audience may not like Min’s performance, or the production of the song, or the way Min shot the MV for the song in Korea. Because nearly all Indie artists do not work on images but focus on expressing pure music. This is also the most obvious difference between popular and Indie music.

The group DA LAB is loved by young people with songsOne house,Hanoi is now off work

It should be emphasized again that Indie artists are not framed in recording, posting songs online and not appearing in public. Occasionally, they still hold concerts or perform at some shows. At that time, this group can become a major artist in the way that Indie artists do: have a larger audience and do not promote their image as idol singers.

Referring to this style, it is impossible to ignore Le Cat Trong Ly. She is such a beloved Indie artist in Vietnam that people think Ly has become a mass phenomenon. But this is only true when Ly agrees to compose and sing promotional songs; and all of Ly’s albums or concerts are very secretive and always have her own color.

Or more recently, names like Vu, Thai Dinh or Ngot Band are interesting representatives of Indie Viet. They still compose, still sing, still do art activities for the masses, but each song seems to be associated with the artist’s feelings and their own, not following the market or audience’s tastes. People still call their creations “a lot of love”.

Sweet Band is loved by songs likeLet me go with,Me these days.

In the end, the audience should not mistake the fact that an Indie artist stepped on the stage to give up his Indie nature. Their independence is reflected in the music itself, the way it is performed and the way it brings the song to the listener. Music always needs to be spread, it is important that in the end they keep their original essence or not.

Meeting the increasingly diverse music listening needs, the Moonsoon by Tu music festival will be a space with a very special Indie color. There, Indie artists will gather in a big show, seriously choreographed, aimed at music-loving audiences. Following the success of previous years, Moonsoon by Tu2017 is still a pure and quality music party, performed by real artists.

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