What is Industry 4.0?

What is Industry 4.0? And how does it benefit your business?

“Industrial Revolution 4.0” is one of the most popular terms today. But how do we really understand this concept? In this page, we will provide basic information about Industry 4.0 with typical technology applications in practice.


The Digital Business Portfolio enables industrial companies of all sizes to deploy current and future technologies for automation and digitalisation. With this portfolio, Siemens is the only player in the market that can integrate the virtual and real worlds, by supporting customer activities throughout the value chain, from product design, to planning production, operation and service.

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A digital twin is a digital version of a physical product or process that is used to learn and predict the actual performance characteristics of the product. Digital replicas are used throughout the product lifecycle to simulate, predict, and optimize products and production systems before investing in actual equipment.

With a combination of physical multi-dimensional simulation, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities, digital twin can simulate the effects of design changes and assumptions, environmental conditions , and countless other variables – eliminating the need for realistic simulations, reducing development time, and improving the quality of the final product and process.

Potential applications for a digital twin depend on the specific stage in the product lifecycle it simulates. In general, there are three types of digital twin to consider: product, manufacturing process, and performance.

Product number copy

Product number copy
Using digital twin to improve the efficiency of new product design
Digital replicas can be used to determine the simulated performance of the product and illustrate how the current product performs in practice. This digital copy of the product shows the relationship between reality and simulation, helping us to analyze how the product will operate under diverse conditions and making righteous adjustments during simulation to ensure guarantee that the actual product will work exactly as it was intended. Even with complex systems and materials, digital product duplication helps us to solve problems for proper decision making. All of this eliminates the need to produce multiple prototypes, reduces overall deployment time, improves final product quality, and ensures quick response to customer feedback.

Digital copy Production process

Digital copy Production process
Application of digital twin in assembly and production planning
A digital replica in production helps validate the simulated quality level of the manufacturing process when deployed in the workshop before actual production begins. By simulating the process using a digital twin for hypothetical cause analysis of possible failures, companies can establish production methods that guarantee high efficiency under a variety of production conditions. different.

The production process can be further optimized through the creation of product digital copies of all devices in the production line. Using data from digital copies of products and digital copies of production processes can help businesses avoid problems that cause equipment downtime, and even predict equipment maintenance time. . Such frequent flows of accurate information make production more efficient, fast and reliable.

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Digital Copy Performance

Digital Copy Performance
Using digital twin to collect, analyze and take timely action based on operational data
Smart products and factories generate large volumes of data about their efficiency and usage. The performance digital twin collects this information from products and plants in operation, and analyzes them for actionable information that helps make informed decisions. By focusing on efficient use of digital twin, companies can:

Create new business opportunitiesInsights that improve simulation models Collect, synthesize, and analyze operational dataImprove products and enhance production system performance

MindSphere OS

MindSphere OS
Open operating system connecting things based on cloud computing platform developed by Siemens
The MindSphere operating system is a powerful ecosystem with data analytics, connectivity, and development tools, powerful applications, and professional services.

MindSphere supports a wide range of devices and connectivity protocol options, is an innovative development environment including Mendix, and is a powerful industrial application with advanced data analytics. .

Thanks to the MindSphere operating system, specific analytical information from the factory is fed back to the entire value chain, right through to the product design process, thereby forming a closed decision-making cycle to optimize Continuous optimization of production processes and products in practice.

Integrate and Digitize the entire value chain

The Digital Enterprise holistic approach to the discrete manufacturing industry
Siemens’ holistic approach
The Digital Enterprise package ensures manufacturing companies can integrate and digitize their business processes, including their suppliers. They can start at any point in the value chain, from product design to production planning, plant design and production operations, service, and step-by-step digitalized process development.

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Siemens’ total solution for digital twin creation offers a number of specific benefits: We can greatly reduce the number of unnecessary prototypes, predict production line performance and products themselves, ensuring the creation of products that satisfy customers’ desires.

Learn how Digital Duplicates can help manufacturing and machine builders achieve their capacity potential:


How does digitalization help companies transform their business models?

Let’s learn specific examples from Siemens to understand the potential of Industry 4.0

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