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The Vietnamese people have a precious tradition that has become a moral principle: “Love your neighbor as if you love yourself”, but today, when the economy is developing and society is progressing, there is a paradox: People live indifferent to each other. It is an insensitive lifestyle that is spreading among students, it becomes a great risk to society and a big challenge to the cause of education.

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1. The concept of insensitivity

Indifference is the emotional state and conscious attitude of a person or a group of people who are indifferent, indifferent and do not know how to care about themselves and what is happening around them. In other words, there is no emotion before any event, no emotion in the pain of others, no indignation at the evils that occur every day.

2. Manifestations and levels of apathy

Apathy spreads very quickly in modern society, among students with different degrees and complications.

– The mildest is: the person with the disease does not know how to say “Sorry” when doing wrong or makes a mistake and does not know “thank you” when receiving help. They regret the applause when introducing a delegate, when watching a cultural or sports performance …

– Worse, they forget their responsibility to save victims (traffic accidents, house fires, sick people…) they watch and even take advantage of the opportunity to seize the victim’s property (on the roads). On the website, female students in Bac Giang, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong … fight, tore their clothes, cut their hair, male students and some friends indifferently filmed, watched and did not intervene, but cursed and cheered. enthusiasm: take off your shirt, take off your shirt, tear your shirt off…).

– The phenomenon of insensitivity to oneself, insensitivity to successes, failures, joys or sorrows with one’s own learning results (with a score of 1, 2 not sad, score 8, 9 unhappy, cold and indifferent to all…).

– Insensitive to the community with the great events of the nation (storms, floods, natural disasters, rights to sea and islands, etc.) but sensitive about their position and rights. In some cases, they are proud of their insensitivity, which is intentional insensitivity pushed into extreme lifestyles, all of which are “Ignore it – Ignore it”.

– There is a passive insensitivity leading to the washing of hands not participating in anything of the class or school such as: arts, sports, camping, etc.

There is insensitivity leading to disregard for life, unwillingness to study, no cultivation, no future, everything is unimportant, nothing at all.

– The highest, insensibility turns himself into an inanimate person, all teachings, advice, criticism have no impact, people become inert, no pride, no self-respect, no shame …

3. Harms and consequences of insensitivity disease

– For each individual, each person: an insensitive lifestyle destroys the soul, makes the human heart hard and easily leads to crime.

– For the family and society: insensitivity degrades the morality of an individual or a collective, pushes the country to lag behind, can endanger human lives and the nation’s destiny.


4. Causes of apathy

– Reasons from each person:

+ Maybe people who are insensitive because they are affected by external circumstances, or are harmed by evil, lose faith in life.

+ Due to a pragmatic and pragmatic selfish lifestyle, people find life monotonous and meaningless, leading to limited or even annihilated moral emotions.

+ Some people lack courage, live in isolation, are afraid of collisions, do not want the loss and suffering of others to touch the peace and serenity in their hearts and their lives.

– Cause from family:

+ Some families do not attach importance to educating their children about empathy, love and help, and tolerance and forgiveness for others.

+ There are many parents, parents who lack role models in lifestyle and communication.

+ Parents who pamper their children too much, so they are ready to meet their children’s unreasonable needs unconditionally, so they create a lifestyle that only knows how to receive, do not give, live in poverty, and are indifferent to people’s love. , ignore the pain of others.

– Reasons from the school:

+ One-sided education is incomplete, mainly racing for cultural achievements, with little or no interest in moral education (citizenship subject is only taught in a perfunctory manner because it is a secondary subject, not forged). life skills training) is more about teaching letters, less about teaching people.

+ Currently, a part of teachers is less interested in fate, difficult circumstances, students’ joys and sorrows, tending to fade love. Teaching is a responsibility, an obligation, so you should be less close and build love and attachment with students.

+ Socially affected educational environment also causes a lot of instability for education in ethics and lifestyle, between theory and reality there is quite a big difference.

Social causes:

+ The revolution in science and technology has changed the way of working, thinking and communicating, making young people not interested in the things around them, when the world of social networks, blogs appear, class Children freely express themselves – when confined for too long in the virtual world, they will become depressed and emotionless.

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+ The market economy on the one hand promotes some traditional moral values ​​and produces new ones, but on the other hand, it creates conditions for the ego to develop to extremes, upholding material values. arise a selfish way of life, forgetting about community responsibilities.

+ The negatives of the Western lifestyle through books, movies, internet… make traditional moral values ​​disappear, people care less about each other, live alone in their own world in the style of “house lights”. Everyone, everyone’s home is bright”.

5. Remedy

– For each person:

+ Let’s live in accordance with the moral standards of people in society, know how to love, protect and share with each other (Lebanon poet: thank life every morning when you wake up. We have one more day to love) .

+ Learn to follow the example of people who are rich in compassion and know how to live for everyone.

+ Should stay away from social evils, be wary of an emotionless lifestyle.

+ Having the right perception, having faith in people in kindness, knowing how to correct oneself when there is a mistake in life leading to insensitivity.

– For family:

+ First of all, generations in the family must know how to care for each other, thereby educating and building a life of love, care and help for each other.

+ Parents in the family when teaching their children also need to listen and understand their children’s feelings, not only teach them to recognize the emotions of others but also guide them to understand the source of those emotions. Education teaches children a beautiful lifestyle, knowing how to receive and also give, which is both a responsibility and an emotion.

For schools:

+ The school not only teaches letters, but from literacy to teach how to be a person with personality, morality, emotions and sharing by many forms of integrated teaching through Citizenship, Literature and students. collective activity.

+ Each teacher always cares about colleagues, shares with colleagues the joys and sorrows, and cares and loves students with the most sincere affection.

+ Schools need to educate students to believe in the good and the good, to avoid and detect the bad to be alert and fight it.

+ Plan and actively educate life skills, behavior skills, collective living skills in all forms that attract children to create close relationships so that they can continue to empathize with each other.

+ Well organize the movements of gratitude, charity work … learning to follow good life examples, building a friendly and healthy educational environment for students to study, cultivate and practice…

For society:

+ The competent authorities plan to build a beautiful civilized and friendly lifestyle in the whole society to build trust for the young generation.

+ Actively propagate education on the mass media in various forms and by example of good people and good deeds.

+ Build a legal system and strong enough sanctions to punish criminals and bad people who go against the good lifestyle and morality of the nation.

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+ Create conditions for young people to live and practice according to the standards of society, always caring and helping them to live better and friendly in the new society.

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