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Your Facebook home wall has not posted anything for a long time? Your Facebook interactions are decreasing day by day but don’t understand why. For online businesses, interaction is their source of life, losing it, the ability to sell is halved. So what is interaction?


What is interaction and the secret to increase engagement on Facebook

However, do not share images that do not carry a sales message because then your customers do not know what you are doing. These images contain information about you, your products or services and are shared for sales purposes. And Facebook’s algorithm will limit the free display of this content to users.

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Let’s dig deeper into what an interaction is. Those are images that carry sales messages. Will mainly aim at building brand identity. And develop a community that regularly interacts with the page. Instead of letting customers see dozens of posts inviting to buy products on the fanpage. You can share “behind the scenes” content. Like the daily work of the members of the company. Or award the best employee… Share the content as a friend of the customer. Not as a machine that invites purchases, celebrates promotions.

Besides, you should express your brand’s personality through videos, images, links or text, which are merely a form to express the personality of your company/business. Let’s add a little “spice” to your shares! But remember to stay professional.

After learning what interaction is, your brand should actively call to action (Call to action): Don’t hesitate to call your customers to like, share or comment. You can even organize small events, calling for people to interact to receive gifts.

According to research, besides the article has the ability to be highly interactive. Don’t just rely on targeting the right audience or not. The visual element is also very important. More than 90% of Facebook and Instagram users love posts with beautiful images. And that is an indispensable part if you are trying to attract people to your business or brand.

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Through the article we can understand what the importance of interaction is. Above are just some basic tips for you. But you should learn if you want the interaction on Fanpage to increase 2 times compared to before. Hope these are really useful knowledge for you.

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