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Advanced 94-120 8.0-9.0 905-990
Low Advanced 79-93 6.5-7.5 785-900
High Intermediate 60-78 5.5-6.0 705-780
Intermediate 46-59 4.0-5.0 605-700
Low Intermediate 32-45 3.5-4.0 405-600
High Beginner 0-31 0-3.5 255-400
Beginner 0-31 0-2.0 0-250

*Table is for reference only, relative reference value.

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Advanced – Advanced

You can easily and correctly use the language with native speakers in any situation and on any subject.

Low Advanced – Advanced money

You can communicate with native speakers in most situations with grammatical accuracy and a rich vocabulary.

High Intermediate – Intermediate 2

You can communicate and understand native speakers in everyday situations. Teachers sometimes do not understand what you mean and the level of grammar, sentence, etc. errors is average.

Intermediate – Intermediate 1

You are able to communicate with native speakers in familiar situations, but have difficulty in new ones.

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Low Intermediate – Intermediate money

You can communicate in simple, familiar situations, but your vocabulary and grammar are limited. It’s almost impossible to communicate in new situations.

High Beginner – Beginner 2

You can use and understand the language more easily, but only in very common and simple situations (like introducing your name, where you live, what you do, etc.).

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Beginner – Beginner 1

You have to try to be able to understand some very simple words and sentences. It is almost impossible to communicate beyond the simplest situations like asking your name and age.


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