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The vast majority of users are familiar with iPhone Lock, also known as iPhone network lock, with the advantage of a much cheaper price than the international version. However, somewhere there are still many users who are quite confused about iPhone Lock, are learning about iPhone Lock but still do not know the origin, form and Lock is Lock like. Join XT Mobile to answer all questions about iPhone Lock and important check steps before buying these products.

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What is iPhone Lock?

iPhone Lock, also known as iPhone network lock, is a genuine Apple product manufactured and distributed by this genuine company for foreign carriers, usually iPhone Lock is mainly available in the Japanese and American markets. Because of the reason that they are produced and distributed exclusively for the carrier, these iPhones can only use sims of this carrier. When imported to Vietnam, it will not be possible to use a Vietnamese carrier sim card, so it is called iPhone Lock or iPhone network lock.


iPhone Lock prevails over the international version because of its extremely affordable price

How to use iPhone Lock?

To use iPhone Lock or iPhone, users need to unlock their iPhone Lock. Usually there are two ways to unlock iPhone Lock: one is that the user will have to buy a carrier code to unlock the device, this is very effective but costs a lot; The second is to use a compound sim to deceive the device that this is the default carrier’s sim on the device, this is quite effective and saves a lot of costs and is also the most used way to unlock iPhone Lock.


Using a paired sim to unlock iPhone Lock is an effective and trusted way by many people

Common errors on iPhone Lock and how to fix it

Because it is a product manufactured and distributed by Apple exclusively for the carrier and only uses the correct sim of that carrier, after unlocking with iPhone Lock with a paired sim, our iPhone Lock will still appear some pretty annoying errors. such as: unable to check account with syntax *101#, *102#, numbers stored in contacts must be prefixed with +84, weak signal wave without 4G, cannot activate iMessage as well as Facetime.

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The above are some errors as characteristic of iPhone Lock that make users quite uncomfortable, but users do not need to worry too much because the technology on the grafted sim has been very developed when launching the “divine” 4G sim card to help. fix all errors on iPhone Lock including the inherent errors mentioned above. Therefore, iPhone Lock is only different from the international version in that this iPhone must use an additional sim card, the rest of the features are completely the same.


Some common errors on iPhone Lock

Important check steps when buying iPhone Lock

Buying iPhone Lock is like buying any other smartphone model, users need to carefully check the external factors to ensure there are not too many scratches or dents, check that the features must work properly as well as check Test the sensitivity of the touch screen, the connection of the device and test the processing speed, and the user needs to make sure that the iPhone Lock is about to buy has been signed out of the iCloud account.

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When buying iPhone Lock, users need to check carefully

Overall, iPhone Lock is still worth buying because the price is much lower than the international version while all operations and features are the same. Along with the use of 4G sim cards, it helps to fix all errors on iPhone Lock to bring the best user experience. One point users should note when choosing to buy is that iPhone Lock from Japanese carriers will not be able to turn off the sound when taking pictures and iPhone Lock will have many different types from 95% new, 99% to 100% new. Active.


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