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justice /”dʤʌstis/ noun Justicein justice to somebody: to have a fair attitude towards someone justice, judicial, judicial review; jurisdictionto bring somebody to justice: bring someone to court, prosecute someone to courtHigh Court of Justice supreme court magistrate, judgeJustice of the Peace Justice of the Peace supreme court judge (in england)to do justice to something know what to enjoy (know how to appreciate) whathe did justice to the dinner: he enjoys the meal deliciouslyto do oneself justice be worthy of one’s talents; Use all your talents to do what?
Domain: building justice seat of a court of justice courthouse of justice justice of justice natural justice: justice of natural justice : judicial adjudicationdenial of justice

Legal dictionary

Justice: Justice (1) Judge in court. (2) Fairness.


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Collocation Dictionary

justice noun

1 fairness

ADJ. economic, natural, social | rough He saw it as rough justice when he got food poisoning from the stolen meat. | divine Some people saw the epidemic as divine justice.

VERB + JUSTICE ask for, want All I”m asking for is justice. | get | deny sb We have been denied justice for too long.

PHRASES a sense of justice The teacher’s system of punishments appealed to the children’s sense of justice.

2 laws

ADJ. civil, criminal, juvenile

VERB + JUSTICE do Justice must be done in every case. | bring sb to | escape So far the robbers have escaped justice.

JUSTICE + NOUN department

PHRASES a miscarriage of justice He spent twenty years in prison as a result of a miscarriage of justice. | pervert the course of justice She was charged with perverting the course of justice after admitting to burning vital evidence.

WordNet Dictionary


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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

justicesant.: injustice

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