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Kajima is an exclamation word in Korean to express the speaker’s feelings and emotions towards the other party, the listener has the meaning of “don’t go” and is often used in the phrase connecting the sound behind, in music songs. Vietnamese, Korean or even English and Japanese often appear this phrase. To help you understand more about the meaning of the phrase Kajima, you can refer to the information in the following article!


Surely you have also seen the phrase Kajima, both strange and familiar, appearing somewhere in the lyrics and songs that you often hear. With a phrase that you hear a lot but don’t understand the meaning will certainly be somewhat curious, so what does kajima mean?


What is Kajima?

What is Kajima?


Kajima is a phrase made of two syllables and is a type of exclamation in Korean that means don’t go. Kajima is composed mainly of 2 syllables, Ka (meaning go) and Ji ma (meaning no).. The whole phrase translates as don’t go. And also because of such emotional and passionate connotations, the phrase Kajima is often chosen by musicians more in their sentences and lyrics to express the feelings or depth of the performer. .

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So if someone asks you what the Korean kajima phrase means, you can certainly confidently answer this question even though you don’t know much about the language.

What does Baby Kajima mean?


As you all know, the phrase Kajima is an exclamation in Korean and partly expresses personal feelings, if you do not know what the meaning of the word baby Kajima is, listening to the songs will probably partly confirm the meaning. Meaning of the lyrics, Kajima in the song usually means don’t go, baby the word to call your lover roughly translates to me/you don’t go or maybe you/my brother don’t go.

And if you want to know more about what the subject is named in the phrase babe kajima, then you definitely need to follow or listen to the song in the songs, usually if used in Korean with everyday communication. The day will be more suitable for couples in love. And of course the phrase also has many meanings or different translations from country to country, but the basic semantics is almost unchanged!

Why is Kajima often appearing and used in the lyrics?


Although it is Korean, the phrase Kajima is often used more often in the lyrics of Vietnamese, Japanese or Asian countries, and America as an alternate ending phrase. It can be mentioned that they appear quite a lot in recent sad songs. This is also considered a general trend in the lyrics when the alternating combination of different languages ​​can reach the bottom of pain. So if you see the phrase Kajima appearing in the song, surely you don’t need to wonder too much about the meaning of the word kajima, right?


Some of the reasons why the phrase Kajima often appears in songs is because young people are often quite fond of Korean culture, the trend has been imported for a long time, but they also grasp this mentality, so the musicians wrote The lyrics use Korean language materials to make the sentences richer, more attractive and also much more emotional.

In addition, somehow, the use of the Korean exclamation phrase Kajima as well as a way to create a vivid highlight for the song through which the use of language also becomes more flexible in imagining what you want. own meaning so that the word fits each person’s story.

It can be seen that dotted with foreign specific phrases in songs is also a way to create more impressive accents for your songs.

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The meaning of the word Kajima in Korean, English,…

As you know, the phrase has many different meanings and is the main language from Korea, but when introduced into the language of each country, they are used with new meanings but still do not lose. initial imprint.

What is Kajima in Korean?


Derived from the Korean language Kajima, the Korean language with the structure of 2 words is Ka () which means go and Jima () which means no and the main meaning depending on different contexts. More literary meaning like don’t go, don’t go. If you do not know what kajima is, you can refer to this meaning! Usually the saying is often used in the lyrics of sad songs.

Kajima means English

Kajima in English is equivalent to the word please just dont go, in addition, you can also easily see kajima appearing in foreign songs with equivalent semantics but used in songs.

In addition, the common point of songs with Kajima lyrics is also sad melodies to express the mood and regret of the performer.

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Hopefully, with the answers to what the phrase Kajima is in this article, it will help you to have the necessary information for you.

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