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What is glazing?

Tempered phone glass is a method to avoid replacing the entire phone screen which is quite expensive. In case the phone screen glass is broken but the touch part still works properly, instead of having to replace the entire screen which is quite expensive, you just need to remove the broken glass, then press the new glass to replace it. position. Because the current phone screen, typically the iPhone, is composed of three separate layers: the outer protective glass layer, the glue layer, the display touch screen layer.

Laminated glass saves you a lot of money than replacing the entire screen.

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For example: Tempered glass iPhone 6, 6s helps you save up to 75% of the cost compared to replacing the screen. For older models, savings can be up to 85% depending on service and quality.

However, the quality of laminated glass depends on the degree of damage to the screen, the skill of the technician and the support of the machine. During the replacement process, the technician will use a special tool to peel off the broken glass from the screen set. This process needs to be done very carefully, to avoid scratching the film (display color layer). After that, it is necessary to clean the old glue layer, roll the new glue, vacuum and finally go to the stage of pressing the new glass layer.

Because the operation is somewhat sophisticated, you should use the service at Prestigious glass pressing centerto ensure the best quality laminated glass.

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Differentiate between “squeezing glass” and “replacing glass”

+ For phones with screen glass (iPhone series or new Samsung models), the glass is laminated with heat glue attached to the display screen. Therefore, when replacing the outer glass, people will call it “squeezing glass”.

+ With old smartphones or tablets, the outer glass is completely separate from the display screen. This layer of glass acts as both a screen protector and a touch screen. Therefore, when replacing the glass separating this screen, we will call it “replacement of glass”.

However, the essence of laminated glass or glass replacement is to replace the outer glass layer to ensure the aesthetics as well as the touch of the device.

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What is glazing? When to laminate glass, when to replace the screen set?

When to just laminate the glass, when to replace the whole screen?

♦ In case of glass on the screen (laminated glass)

+ If the screen is still visible, the touch works normally, the phone only has a broken outer glass. At this time, we just need to re-press the glass to save costs.+ If the device has display errors such as screen stripes, ink bleeding or touch errors, you will have to replace the whole screen with a new one.

♦In case of removable glass screen (replace glass)

+ If the screen is still displayed normally, the phone only has broken glass or is frozen, you only need to replace the outer glass (With this line, the glass is integrated with touch) + If the phone broken glass and display error, you will have to replace the whole set of screens

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