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What are layers?? How to manipulate layers in Photoshop? Below, FPT Arena will help you learn how to use layers effectively when designing with Photoshop software.

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What are layers? What are layers in photoshop?


What is a layer – Layer management panel

Layers are a component in the Photoshop graphics software. Layers are used to describe different levels of arrangement of objects on the design. In Photoshop design software, many layers can be stacked, the object on the layer can be partially obscured or appear blurry inside another image. Layers are used to combine two or more images to form a new image. Working with layers, designers can easily edit, draw, paste, etc. elements on one layer without affecting other layers.

The easiest way to blur the background with Photoshop CS6

Operations with the layer palette in Photoshop

In Photoshop, designers need to know how to work with the layer palette and perform layer organization operations to manage objects and support the design process. Layer operations such as selecting, moving, creating folders, searching and arranging layers are guided below:

Create a new layer

At the layers panel, left click on the “create new layer” icon.


left click on the icon “create new layer”

Select a layer


Select any layer

While designing, when you want to manipulate an object, you select the layer containing that object.

How to select any layer: On the layer panel, left-click on the layer you want to select. When the layer turns blue, it is selected. To select multiple layers in a row, select the first layer then hold shift and select the last layer. Select multiple selected layers at the same time, hold Ctrl to press Select more layers you want to select.

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Move layers


Move layers to arrange design layout

The order of the layers will make a difference to the composition of the image, which objects are visible, which objects are hidden. Therefore, to make the design work easy, you need to know how to move layers to arrange them when needed.

The way to move the order of a layer is very simple:

Hold the left mouse button on the layer to be repositioned and drag and drop to the desired new position. Alternatively, you can move the layer with keyboard shortcut:Put layer above the layer before it: Ctrl + >Browse layer below the layer after it: Ctrl + Browse layer layer to the bottom: Ctrl + Shift + <

Find layers

Working with a Photoshop design file, most of which have a very large number of layers, so you need to control the layer panel to manipulate the design easily and avoid confusion. When you want to manipulate an object on the design, you need to select the correct layer containing that object. Therefore, finding the layer is extremely important.


Find layers

The designer chooses the Search Dropdown menu to choose a method to search for layers by criteria such as type, name, effect, mode, color, properties, etc. After you have marked the search method, use it. options to the right of Search Dropdown to select additional properties to return layer search results.

Create layer groups

To manage and use layers intelligently, Photoshop has the ability to arrange layers into groups and subfolders. Adding layers to the same group the way you want to use when designing smoothly will help you not to miss the object.


Create a layer group with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G To create a layer group, you select the layers to create and then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G. When you need to ungroup the layer, use the Ctrl + Shift + G key combination. Or create a folder new item by clicking Create a new group in the bottom right corner of the layers panel, and then dragging the layers to add them to the same group. Quickly double-click the folder to rename the group.

Lock and Unlock Layers in Photoshop


Lock and Unlock Layers in Photoshop

Lock the layer by selecting the layer you want to lock, and then clicking the padlock in the layers panel. Similarly unlock the layer by clicking on the padlock to unlock the layer again.

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In the above article, FPT Arena has provided answers to the question “What are layers??” and “How to organize layers?”. Hopefully the knowledge of layers and layer management will help you learn Photoshop effectively.

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