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Home Health Handbook – What is Healthy Lifestyle Lentil? Delicious dishes from lentil seeds according to vegan

What is Lentil? What are the delicious lentil recipes according to veganLentil ?What are the lentil recipes? Pumpkin stewed with lentils (lentil)2. Lentil3 brown rice porridge. Vegetarian Red Lentil Soup 4. Pasta with red lentil Ending

What is Lentil? Delicious dishes from lentil seeds according to vegan

Lentil seeds are known to be nutritious nuts for every family meal. That is why it is always trusted by housewives to make delicious dishes. Not only because it makes the family more delicious but it is also extremely easy to make. Lentil is commonly found in India and western countries.

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However, now this bean has appeared popular with all countries and everyone especially those on a diet and those who like to follow a vegan diet know about this bean. So what are lentil seeds? How are they used for cooking?


Considered a simple fast food but extremely nutritious for the body. Just red lentils and pasta. This pasta dish with red lentils is super easy and quick to make because it doesn’t take too long and the price is as cheap as instant noodles. This is definitely a nutritious dish for busy people who want to eat quickly through meals while still ensuring a full stomach and a source of sufficient nutrients for the body every day.


Lentils are widely known for their nutritious food and great medicinal benefits for humans. There are many ways to prepare delicious dishes from lentils that are easy to eat and easy to make for humans. That’s why this nut is loved by so many people from around the world to residents in Vietnam. This is also a type of nut that young children love and is suitable for their weaning stage.

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With just a few red and green lentils, you can make an attractive porridge that makes it easy for your baby to eat the whole pot of porridge. With delicious dishes made from lentils, hopefully it will be a useful menu for you every day with your family with enough food for the whole family to work tirelessly all day long.

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A small note is that these lentil seeds are usually stored in a sealed container to prevent mold and mildew, ensuring that they can be used many times while still having nutrients in the seeds. Above is the answer to the question what is lentil.

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