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For all the engineers who do design work, lisp cad is really an indispensable useful knowledge, and always an interesting topic. Lisp CAD helps to solve the required content quickly and accurately, thereby bringing very high productivity to the engineer. webgiaidap.com would like to introduce to you the knowledge about this Lisp CAD part.

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Before starting the article, please download to your computer 2 useful basic CAD lisp that most people need to use, which are dim cut lisp and cad layiso lisp. You download it here, you download and unzip it.


The content of the article includes:

How to load CAD lispB1: To load the CAD lisp, type the AP command, a table will appear as shown below


B2: In the “Look in” section, go to the folder you just downloaded, select 2 files layiso.lsp and cd.lsp. Then click Load.


There will be a successful file loading message as shown below: “Successfully loaded 2 files”


Note: The way we just did it is to load it directly, the load commands can be used immediately, but the next time we turn on the CAD if we want to use it, we will need to reload. There is another way that does not have to be reloaded many times. Load Contents at the bottom >> Find the folder containing the file >> Load in.

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How to call lisp CAD to workHow to call lisp cad: Call like a normal command, for example the command to cut the pins in the file cd.lsp which you have just loaded is the command CDIn each cad lisp, there is a shortcut command, this shortcut command the programmer to name a lisp file. In case you want to find this shortcut, you can open the lisp cad file as a Note Pad and find the keyword after the keyword“defund c:” then that is the shortcut of Lisp CAD.


B2: Select object (Select the object to cut the dim leg), then press Enter to end the command


B3: Select the dim foot cutoff point (Check the 1 point you want to cut), then press Enter


Common errors when using Lisp CADError not understanding the command: Please review carefully the path of lisp cad must be an unsigned Vietnamese file. If the path is Vietnamese with accents, lisp cannot be loaded and cannot be run. Error with incorrect AutoCAD version: There are some cases where lisp cad is used to call VBA or Arx programming, the characteristics of these files must be correct. follow the version of CAD, so you have to upgrade to the correct version of CAD to be able to use it.

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Some useful CAD lisp should know

The content of the lisp cad section is presented methodically and fully with examples accompanied by illustrations in the extremely useful advanced AutoCAD course of the webgiaidap.com Center.


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