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What is a literary work? How to understand what is a good work? Let’s find the answer through this article!

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What is a literary work?

By definition, a literary work is a work of art and words, which is the result of a creative process and hard work of the author’s mind. A literary work can be the product of an individual or a collective created together. Those who create literary works will be called writers.

The content of literary works will usually simulate the reality of everyday life. Sometimes it is the product of creativity, imagination about an unreal world that the author himself wants to create. Characters in literary works can be inspired by real characters, or just fictional characters of the author.


What is the concept of a literary work?

It can be said that in order to produce a literary work, the author needs to put in a lot of effort. It is the result of a process of artistic creation, a work of enthusiastic mental labor. In that work, we will feel many different colors and emotions.

In terms of form, a literary work will exist in many different forms in the form of words. A text called a literary work can be in the form of prose such as novels, short stories, or in the form of rhymes such as poetry, …

Distinctive features of a literary work

The feature of a literary work that people often use to distinguish it from other arts is in the art of words. Reading is essential in a literary work, not insensitive lines recording the happenings in life. What they need is the emotions that are evoked from the soul.

To write about social reality, real life is not difficult, but to write a work called literature is not easy. A newspaper, the collection of memoirs is also writing about real life but it is not considered a literary work. In order to achieve the requirements of becoming a literary work, there must be artistic elements in it.

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Features of a literary work

The artistic element is expressed through the application of words in the composition. The use of figurative, expressive, descriptive or expressive words of a certain emotional state. Language needs to be evocative, depending on the topic and content of the work, appropriate words will be found.

In prose works, most of the language will often use familiar words. Especially for works written about life and society, the language of the whole people will be widely used. Limit the use of spoken language in literary works. But it is also not advisable to use too many fancy words for prose works, which will make it difficult for the work to reach the hearts of many different audiences.

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What is a good literary work?

A literary work is judged as good based on its content and popularity. In fact, the evaluation of a literary work or not will depend on the individual feelings of each reader. So, you can’t see if other people say it’s good, it’s really good for you.

However, people will evaluate a literary work’s value based on factors such as: content, theme, use of language, use of grammar, character building, and ideas. creativity, writing style… These are usually the things to judge the quality of the work.


What is a good literary work?

Therefore, it is difficult to judge a work as good if you do not read the work, do not feel it for yourself. A good literary work is a work with content that touches people’s emotions. Readers can feel the message inside that work.

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