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Lolita is a unique fashion style originating from Japan. With a rare difference, the Lolita trend has been very famous with a series of big brands such as Milk, Pink House or Pretty, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose temps de fille…

Lolita is what?

Lolita is a style that appeared in the 1970s but only really developed in the 1990s. This is a term that refers to clothes with a simple design, featuring white and black colors.

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Lolita style towards elegance, luxury and sophistication. Products of this type are carefully selected from materials to design ideas. Perhaps because of this, up to now, although there are many new fashion styles, Lolita is still sought and used by many people.

Features of Lolita style

Although there are many variations as well as owning different models, but in general Lolita style All have the following characteristics:

Puffy sleeves

The obvious common point of Lolita-style outfits is the possession of puffy sleeves. This design helps the wearer to become more noble and luxurious.


Looking at you, you will look very similar to the princesses, princesses, princes, ..in the past. Selecting products in the style of Lolita is quite suitable for people with large and coarse biceps. Because this discreet way of sewing will help you have a more balanced appearance.

Knee socks

Do not be afraid to hear the element of knee-high socks in this style. Quite a lot of people mistakenly think that the feature of having thigh-high socks will make us “outdated”. However, if you look at the actual designs, you will see that this is a good calculation to help short people become taller and slimmer!


On the other hand, with customized designs, fashion experts still ensure the products are beautiful, trendy and very impressive.

Sophisticated hats

Lolita fashion style often comes with quite sophisticated hats. This design can be stylized with a chiffon scarf or beanie.


However, the common point of the above lines is that they all possess sophistication and complexity. This makes the wearer more noble, soft and elegant.

Dress with flare

In addition, you may notice that Lolita-style dresses have large flares. By sewing additional accessories such as thick fabric, pleated sewing or support frames, the wide spread dress helps the wearer to have flexible steps.

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Therefore, this is a special fashion style suitable for girls who love softness and want to transform into beautiful princesses and queens in fairy tales.

Revealing accessories suitable for Lolita style

Accessories are very important every time you go down the street, this is a good way to help us become more prominent, impressive and trendy.

For that reason, don’t forget to combine these Lolita stylish accessories below to be more youthful and attractive!

Bow tie hat

Strolling around with the gentle autumn weather like in the North with a particularly suitable Lolita style dress. Because of the discreetness and softness of the product, it will keep you warm and comfortable in every step.


Do not forget to choose for yourself a beanie or hat with spokes with flowers or attach a beautiful and outstanding bow. This is a great way to make you look younger and more feminine!

Flirty wallet

Using heart-shaped wallets, purses with iridescent crystals, beautiful small bags with flowers and attached bows, etc. are also not bad suggestions when you follow the Lolita style.


You will look very feminine, noble and luxurious with these accessories!


In addition, if you go to a show or appear at a large conference, you can choose a small crown to put on your soft, thick, silky hair.


You will transform into a beautiful princess, very trendy in modern life with just a little change.

Rings, bracelets and other accessories

In addition, you can use rings, necklaces with a luxurious style, giving priority to gems when wearing Lolita style outfits.

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In particular, remember to apply makeup in a gentle, youthful tone every time you go out!

Boots or boots

In addition, using boots or boots instead of thigh-high socks is a great choice when pursuing the Lolita style. In this way, you also have a well-proportioned body, creating the effect of increasing height to make you more slim and attractive!



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