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We use a refrigerator magnet (= small decorative magnet that will stick to a steel door) to hang our kids’ latest drawings.

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The neodymium discs in the levitating plane are also reflected in the floor slab and allude to the existence of the hidden magnets.
The problem, however, is that a single ring can contain of the order of 5000 magnets for bending, focusing, and for correcting the orbit.
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The real magnets are located directly behind the surface of the mirror; the reflected magnets appear to be located deeper down.
In fact, in this study, we immediately fast extract the beam with _ kicker magnets after the 1 turn.
An array of counter-rotating vortices is established by driving a current across the layer with an array of permanent magnets below.
When complete, the ring magnetic lattice will consist of over 140 quadrupoles, dipoles, and steering magnets.
If rationality and self-motivation are magnets to economists, atmosphere gives room for factors to which other social scientists can more easily relate.
Bacteria control the size, shape, composition, crystallinity, and intracellular organization of these particles to optimize their role as “biological bar magnets”.

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someone who works to protect the environment from the damaging effects of human activity

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