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You go to Taiwan to work and study a lot, you don’t know the difference between Chinese and Taiwanese! What is the difference between these two languages? To understand this, we will ask for advice from the Chinese language center webgiaidap.com

Difference between Chinese and Taiwanese


About the scope of use:

As for Chinese (also known as Chinese), this is the main language of China, which can be understood as the national language.

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Specifically, this is the common language and has become the common convention. Therefore, the scope of use of Chinese is very wide.

As for the Taiwanese language, it is different, it is understood as the local language. Therefore, its scope of use is smaller.

Mostly used in some places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia…

In addition, up to the present time, the Taiwanese language is mostly understood only by the elderly or those living in the countryside.

Thereby showing that, if anyone is passionate about Taiwanese, finding a place to study is also a problem.

About font use and accessibility:

Since Chinese is considered the national language, it often uses simplified characters. Therefore, it is easy for learners to access.

As for the Taiwanese language, traditional characters are used, this type of character is zigzag, with more strokes. However, Taiwanese generally has better handwriting, but traditional writing materials are rare.

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Taiwanese with elegant lines and artistry

About the tune:

In terms of the tonality of Chinese and Taiwanese, Chinese is still unmatched.

Chinese mostly sounds flat, listens to few tones, and has little emotion, while Taiwanese has treble, bass, and equal tones… when combined together, they create tones. Very good and shows a lot of expressions of the speaker.

However, in general, the Taiwanese language is relatively difficult to learn, and there are not many references and practice materials.

Understanding that, webgiaidap.com has opened online Taiwanese courses with extremely interesting programs. These are: clips, exam preparation materials, communication with Taiwanese, and many useful tests.

Learning Chinese Online brings you many interesting experiences.

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Certainly, with this lively teaching method, students will have a different view of the Taiwanese language, that Taiwanese is not difficult, as long as we use the right methods and make continuous efforts to learn. .

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