What is Marine hair? Top 5 favorite styles

Marines hair Simple, not fussy but has a special attraction for men. Not having to be fussy about care or styling, men still have a beautiful and trendy hairstyle to confidently appear in many communication spaces. Let’s find out interesting information about this hairstyle right here. !

Marines hair creates a cool, masculine look
Marines hair creates a cool, masculine look

What is Marine hair?

Marine hair style (also known as Buzz cut) is a neatly trimmed hairstyle that requires little care or styling but always brings a confident style to the owner.

This hairstyle is inspired by commando soldiers, especially marines. Stemming from the nature of work and the quick nature of handling work, the hairstyles of soldiers are often neatly trimmed. However, with the real-life version and especially on the screen, this hairstyle is flexibly modified with strong laser lines, personality and extremely eye-catching but still ensures compliance with military rules. .

Marines' hair is usually very short
Marines’ hair is usually very short

Type marines hair evolved over time and got more creative with much sharper pruning techniques. As well as creating eye-catching strong light lines in recent times has created a craze with the name of marines in the hairstyling village. It is easy to see that a series of football superstars, actors, famous models, successful businessmen… all choose this hairstyle to bring out their trendy beauty.

Who is the Marines hair suitable for?

With the characteristic that the hair is cut short, close to the scalp, revealing the whole face with neat shaved lines, bringing a strong and attractive aura as well as not having to be fussy in styling or dressing. This is predicted to be a hot trend hairstyle for many years to come.

However, the reality shows that not every face is suitable for this hairstyle. Here is a share of some face shapes that are considered the most suitable for the type marines hair for your reference to make the correct choice for yourself:

Oval face is perfect when wearing marine hair
Oval face is perfect when wearing marine hair
  • Square, angular face: This is the most suitable face type for this hairstyle. And for guys who have square and angular faces, this hairstyle should not be ignored! When wearing this hairstyle, it will help to exude a strong and healthy style like real soldiers.
  • Oval face shape: This is a suitable face type to try this hot trend hairstyle. Because the hair will fully show your perfect oval line.
  • Diamond-shaped face: For guys who have a face with this disproportionate head and chin ratio, then marines hair is the perfect choice to show off your harmonious and symmetrical face proportions.

Besides the above face types, for guys who have a slightly bald forehead, little hair, or those with stiff hair, curly hair… the marines hairstyle will be a good solution to help you overcome the dark. have many of the above disadvantages and have a more attractive appearance.

Although considered an easy hairstyle, suitable for many face types, this marine hair style is not suitable for guys with round faces. Because when the hair on both sides of the head is neatly cut, it will make your inherently chubby face even more exposed.

5 favorite marine hairstyles

Although the most common feature is that the hairstyle is trimmed as neatly as possible, but with the difference in the length of the hair or the way of laser cutting, it will create countless different hairstyles.

Here are a few favorite hairstyles of this hot hair trend:

Buzz cut hairstyle

Buzz cut is considered the shortest and simplest male hairstyle. Indeed, the special and unique feature of this hairstyle is that the hair length is about 1-2cm. Therefore, this hairstyle is also known by other names such as: spiked hair, side parted hair… With this neat and dark look, gentlemen will not have to spend too much time taking care of and posing. . Buzz is being loved by many gentlemen and has become a style marines hair exclusively for gentlemen, especially in hot summer days.

Buzz cut hair is full of power
Buzz cut hair is full of power

Crew hairstyle

Crew hairstyle or Crew Cut is a hairstyle created by neatly trimming hair with a trimmer. Type marines hair This hairstyle has a unique feature in the marine-shaped hairstyles, specifically as follows: the hair on both sides of the head and back of the neck is shaved close to expose the scalp, while the hair on the top of the head is left long. create a striking look.

Crew Cut hair is youthful and dynamic
Crew Cut hair is youthful and dynamic

In fact, this Crew Cut hairstyle is a hairstyle that is styled quickly but always ensures the fashion of your fashion style. And just swipe a little gel on the hair at the top of your head and you’ve got a hairstyle that can’t be perfect for you!

Flat top hairstyle

Flat Top hairstyle is one of the styles marines hair Give men a special look with a flat top hairstyle. The sides of the head and the back of the head are shaved in layers or completely shaved. Therefore, creating a feeling that the hair at the top of the head is thickest and the thickness is gradually reduced to the temples and close to the ears and nape.

Flat Top hair brings outstanding beauty like a male god
Flat Top hair brings outstanding beauty like a male god

In addition, the hair at the top is flattened for a masculine, strong look. But with this hairstyle, if you want to be really beautiful, it definitely requires you to choose a professional pair of barbers to be able to perfect it!

Short sides waved hairstyle

This is also a neatly trimmed hairstyle like other hairstyles of the marine hair trend. However, with the top of the head being left long, banging on one side and creating waves will bring an elegant, attractive and extremely modern aura to the gentlemen. The length of the hair at the top of the head can be chosen and decided by the gentlemen.

Short sides waved hair has an elegant style
Short sides waved hair has an elegant style

For styling marines hair This requires gentlemen’s effort and patient care to get the desired charm.

Bristle top hairstyle

This hairstyle is considered a novel version of the Flat top hairstyle. When the only difference is in the sharpness, the impression of the hair on the top of the head: This section of hair looks longer, is fixed neatly and has neatly trimmed lines.

To create this hairstyle, you can use gel to make the top part of your hair more impressive! This marine-style hairstyle is popular with many gentlemen because it is always trendy as well as suitable for many ages and occupations.

Impressive bristle top hair
Impressive bristle top hair

And here are the samples marines hair be male current favorite. Zema Hair I hope you have made good choices for yourself to have a stronger and more attractive appearance.

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