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Dear friends!

Conquer the Martial Gate is a game for all ages, especially “storming” among students. Millions of teenagers have participated in the high and low competition. To be able to win, a simple but extremely important thing is that you need to know the rules of the game, the indicators, the features …

Here’s how to play Conquer the Martial Gate for beginners. Follow along!

1. Login instructions:

Step 1: Log in Conquer the Martial Gate (choose 1 of 4 ports):

+ Webgiaidap.com homepage: webgiaidap.com

+ Zing me: http://me.zing.vn/apps/vumon2.

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+ Soha Game: https://webgiaidap.com.sohagame.vn/

+ Soc Nhi: http://socnhi.com/Cong-vien-game/detail/864/Chinh-Phuc-Vu-Mon.html

Step 2: Click the button “Play Now”.


Step 3: Choose the character name, character gender and enter the game.

2. Arena game rules:

How to play Conquer the Martial Gate almost like Co Ty Phu. After each roll of the dice, the player will be able to move more squares on the road equal to the number of points achieved. On those tiles, you can build planets. When players set foot on your planet, you will collect a certain amount of money.

Depending on the type of planet, there will be different construction and tax rates. The higher the planet, the higher the tax collected. Each built planet can not place another planet, but can only be upgraded to a higher level. In addition, when you have adjacent plots of land, the tax price in that land is also twice as high.

3. Basic indicators:

Character stats:


Luggage stats:




4. Instructions on how to play:

Into the Intellect Arena from the main interface of the game.


When it’s your turn, you’ll roll the dice. Pour as many points, you are entitled to go as many boxes on the game screen. During the move, you may encounter tiles with different features:

– Mr. Teacher: You need to answer the question correctly to continue.

– O Prehistoric Man: Prehistoric people will randomly destroy 1 square in the game.

– Box of Opportunity: You get 1 random feature (add turn, lose turn..)

– Land plot x2, x3: Orbs in this slot can double or triple the tax when another player enters.

– Normal plot: Here, you can build a planet.

The more Planets, the greater your fortune. Total assets = Money + the value of the Planets owned.

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The game ends when the player no longer has enough money to pay taxes when “falling” into the opponent’s planet box.

5. How to increase your chances of winning in the arena:

To increase your chances of winning in the arena, you need to know how to roll the dice and use cards.


There are 10 types of cards with different features and uses. Each time entering the arena, the player is allowed to bring 2 cards. Depending on the function of eachCardThere will be interactions with opponents. For example, in the image below select the cardPlanet Destructionyou will have the right to destroy 1 of your opponent’s orbs.

Using the right cards will help you get the advantage of winning.

Roll the dice:

When rolling the dice, you need to pay attention to the Skill Bar and the skill score column. If you hit the golden step you will get 1 skill point, if you hit the purple step you will get 2 skill points.

These accumulated points will be displayed on the Skill Points Column. Depending on the number of points you get, you will be able to use 3 skills for free.


Just a little “head” when rolling the dice will give you the upper hand in the arena.

6. Other features in Conquer the Martial Gate:



A library full of knowledge is demonstrated through a system of simple and easy-to-understand video lectures. There is also a system of multiple choice exercises to help you practice effectively.

Shopping store:


You can find everything you want at Shop. Please keep an eye on the homepage, from time to time Shop There will be special discounts.

Research room:

Where you proceed to upgrade or evolve your items and equipment to increase your strength, easier to win in the arena.

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Daily challenge:

Mysterious labyrinth, where players participate in exciting daily challenges to win many attractive gifts. New maps will be updated every month with increasingly difficult milestones for you to conquer.


There are many more attractive and interesting features waiting for you in Conquer Wumen! Take your time to explore!

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