What is media creation tool?

The official Windows 10 Creators Update has been released by Microsoft via bulid 15063. Users can use the Media Creation Tool to download and experience the new version of Windows.

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The Windows 10 Creators Update is provided by Microsoft to focus on creativity to bring more new features to users on three main topics: 3D, games and connecting people. After being released at the end of October 2016, Windows 10 Creators Update officially reached users in early April 2017. Although Microsoft has only provided it to those who have joined the Windows Insider program and only released it for free (for those who are using copyrighted Windows) via Windows Update on April 11 next. But if you don’t want to wait, you can use the Media Creation Tool to install Windows 10 Creators in the easiest way.

The advantage of this tool is that it will automatically download the Windows 10 Creators ISO file for us to save on the computer and conduct Update more easily, in addition, it also ensures safety when users do not need to find files. ISO from sites of unknown origin.

Media Creation Tool download link (17MB)

After downloading, users can open the Tool to use it directly without installing it.

– The first interface of the tool is a greeting screen and displays information about terms of use. Accept to continue.


– After Accept, the tool will start preparing for the installation process. This stage is quite fast, lasts about 5 seconds.


– The software will give you two options to Update Windows 10 Creators directly from the current version of Windows, or download the ISO file to proceed with the installation later.

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– The article will guide you to download the ISO file so that you can easily install Windows 10 Creators not only on your current computer but also on other computers.

– The next screen will give the user the choice of language, 32-bit or 64-bit version. At the present time, it is recommended that readers use Windows 10 64-bit because it will be more optimized for the system, the 32-bit version should only be used for computers with 2GB RAM or less.


– In the next window, you can choose to save the ISO file or create a direct USB Boot and require the USB used to boot this to have a capacity of 8GB or more.

– Select ISO, the software will proceed to download the ISO file. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the speed of the network you are connecting to.

– After downloading, readers can install Windows 10 Creators directly from a virtual drive or burn the file to USB to install it on another computer easily.

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Instructions for installing Windows (should prepare a license key if installed on a new computer)

– The first interface of the installer will ask you to choose the installation language, time and keyboard form. The advice is to find and change the time to Vietnam, then click Next to continue.

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