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mercury /”mə:kjuri/ noun mercury (Mercury) Mercurial God (Mercury) Mercury alertness, vivacitythe mercury is rising nice weather; The situation is getting better
GlassField: refrigeration PlanetariumMercuryMercury Communications Limited (MCL)Mercury Communications Limited (MEL) Channel Associated Signaling (MELCAS)MELL switchboard channel-coupled signaling protocol Field: mercury medicine (original) chemical element, symbol Hg)distilled mercurydistilled mercuryfluorescent mercury vapour lamp fluorescent lamphigh-pressure mercury lamphigh-pressure mercury lampmercury (high-pressure mercury lamp) Hg)hgmercury (Hg)mercurymercury (pressure) gauge barometer mercury (vapor) lamp lamp(vapor) mercurymercury (vapor) pump pump(vacuum) mercurymercury arc lampmercury arc lampmercury arc lampmercury are lampmercury arc lampmercury are rectifier mercury vapor rectifier mercury barometer mercury barometer mercury barometer mercury barometer mercury battery pack mercury battery mercury battery nmercury bulb thermometer mercury thermometer mercury cell mercury battery mercury cell mercury battery pack mercury cellpin mercury contact thermometer mercury switch thermometer mercury cup mercury cup <“mə:kjuri> noun o mercury, Hg § distilled mercury : distilled mercury § horn mercury : natural calomel § mercury-injection porosity : porosity measured by mercury pump § mercury-vacuum capillary pressure curve : capillary pressure curve


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WordNet Dictionary


temperature measured by a mercury thermometer

the mercury was falling rapidly

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A logical/functional programming language that combines the clarity and expressiveness of declarative programming with advanced static analysis and error-detection features.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

mercuriessyn.: Hg Mercury atomic number 80 hydrargyrum quicksilver


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