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What is Mind Map? How to draw and steps to draw Mind Map mind map

What is Mind Map?

Mind Map aka Mind Map Mind mapis a method presented as a powerful means of taking advantage of the brain’s ability to record images. This is a way to remember details, to synthesize, or to break down a problem into some kind of branching scheme. Unlike computers, in addition to the ability to memorize linear patterns (remember in a certain sequence such as the sequence of events appearing in a story), the brain also has the ability to communicate and relate data. sue each other. This method harnesses both of the brain’s abilities.

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Mind map Mindmapis a method of presenting ideas in pictures, helping the brain maximize its memory capacity, helping thinkers find the most effective method to solve problems optimally.


This method is probably known by many Vietnamese people, but it has never been systematized and thoroughly studied and officially disseminated in the country, but is only used scatteredly among students before the exam seasons. .

This is a technique to improve the way you take notes. By using the mind diagram, the whole of the problem is shown in the form of a figure in which the objects are related to each other by lines. In that way, the data is remembered and viewed more easily and quickly.

Instead of using text to describe one dimension, the entire detailed structure of an object is represented by two-dimensional images. It shows the form of the object, the interrelationships between related concepts (or ideas) and how they are related to each other within a big problem.

Origin and history of mind mapping.

This method was developed in the late 60s (of the 20th century) by Tony Buzan <1> as a way to help students “record lectures” using only key words and images. This way of taking notes will be faster, easier to remember and easier to review.

By the mid 70’s Peter Russell <2> was working with Tony and they had spread the technique of the Italian schema to many international agencies as well as educational institutions.

Outstanding advantages of mind mapping

Advantages of using mindmap mindmap One of the plus points for mindmap users is that it will help learners increase creativity, and improve working efficiency immediately. In addition, it also helps to review and memorize effectively faster.

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Mindmap mind map also helps you identify the main content of the work, the main ideas help capture the most accurate information, not rambling, lengthy Symbols, images, or colors The colors you use for mind maps will save you time, get to the heart of the problem as well as help your brain absorb knowledge faster.

How to draw mind maps in learning

How to create your own mind map The general rule of mind map creation is to visualize, synthesize, link and select information.

First, you need to determine what the general idea of ​​the mind map is about? Who is the main audience, and please spend the center of the paper to write these keywords. You can represent keywords in the form of images or text, symbols… to represent it.

Second, you shrink the picture and go deeper into the main subject. You should note that there are many ways to represent one information, one advice is that you should alternately use different colors, funny drawings or insert other languages… so that it is convenient for memory habits. mine.

Third, pay attention to the use of arrows, symbols that connect ideas. Using visual symbols to connect letters will make it easier for the brain to remember. Instead of straight arrows, you can choose to draw them in lines, in different shapes to avoid creating boredom for mindmap mind maps.


Finally, you can use the online mindmap drawing tool or approach the mindmap mind map from the lectures to design yourself the best mindmap mind map.

Mindmap is a great tool that can help you remember when learning a new foreign language from familiar languages ​​such as English, French, or German…. From a central topic, you can develop ideas. with different sub-branches. In particular, mindmap mindmap now has a pre-designed application to help you save time drawing diagrams by hand.

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Mind Map implementation steps.

In the previous article (Mind Mapping – Optimal note-taking tool), I introduced you to the method of creating a Mind Map and stated its benefits. In this article, I will guide you through the steps to

1. Set of keywords

As I said, Mind Map is made up of most of the keywords (key words), so it saves a lot of time for you. With just keywords, you can capture all the content of all the things you are trying to remember. So what are keywords? How to identify keywords in a text content? You can refer to the following example:

First, read this complete text:

“It has long been known that the human brain can be divided into two parts. Left brain part and right brain part. It is also known that the left brain controls the right side of the body, while conversely, the right brain controls the left side of the body. Besides, it has also been found that damage to the left brain causes the right half of the body to become paralyzed. Similarly, if the right brain is damaged, the left half of the body will be paralyzed.”

In the traditional way of writing and learning as before, you will have to memorize the passage or read it again and again to remember all the information it conveys. However, there are a lot of unnecessary words in it, if you remove those words and just read the keywords, you can easily grasp the main idea and save a lot of time. To prove it, try reading the following two passages:

a. “… human brain is divided into two parts… left brain right brain… left brain controls right side of body… right brain controls left side of body… left brain damaged, right body paralyzed… right brain damaged, body left side paralyzed…”

b. “For a long time, it has been known that your… part… can be… made… Part… and part… It is also known that… part… of…, meanwhile, on the contrary, … part… Besides that , it was also found that… being… will cause half of… to be… Similarly, if… to have… will cause half of… to be…”

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