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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (English: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) commonly known as MMORPG is a combination of role-playing video games and massively multiplayer online games in which a very large number of players interact with each other in a virtual world.

As in all role-playing games or RPGs, the player assumes the role of a character (usually in a fantasy or sci-fi world) and controls many of that character’s actions. MMORPGs are distinguished from small multiplayer or single-player online role-playing games by the number of players that can interact with each other and by the game’s persistent world (usually hosted by the game’s publisher). ), continue to exist and grow while the player is offline and away from the game.

MMORPG is played worldwide. Global sales for MMORPGs exceeded half a billion dollars in 2005,[1] and sales in Western countries exceeded one billion dollars in 2006.[2] In 2008, spending on subscriptions to MMORPG accounts by users in North America and Europe increased to $1.4 billion.[3] World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG, has over 10 million subscribers as of November 2014.[4] World of Warcraft’s total revenue was $1.04 billion in 2014.[5] Star Wars: The Old Republic released in 2011, became “the fastest growing MMO in the world” after reaching more than 1 million subscribers in the first three days of its launch.[6][7]

Basic features < edit | edit source code>

Currently, MMORPG games have many features but all have almost the following characteristics in common:

System of quests (quests), monsters (monsters) and virtual assets. Chat system, trade exchange and grouping, association. Management and control system based on Game Masters. RPG-style battle system (Role-playing Game), mainly based on leveling up, increasing strength stats. Compression system, guild fighting, siege warfare, working together to kill bosses, classifying occupations. The team system (party) team up with players to fight together, share experience

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