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The aunt and uncle are often mentioned in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. So who are they, let’s find out in the article below.
Because they died at a young age, they did not dare to sit with their ancestors: The aunts and uncles were also worshiped on the ancestral altar, but because of their young age, they were afraid to return to enjoy the road with the grandparents. on a common bed.

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-So they must have their own altar: Just like on the earth, in many families, children are not allowed to eat with adults, so there are separate altars for them. aunt Mr. Manh.


-Usually placed under the altar of the ancestors’ altar: The altar of Mrs. CoMr. Manh often placed under the incense altar of the ancestral altar.
-Cannot be placed on the same level as the ancestral altar: As mentioned above, because of her young age, she had to worship at the bottom and could not worship on the same level as the ancestral altar.
Her aunt, often called Grandmother, is an unmarried woman who died at a young age in the family, taking on the task of taking care of, looking after, monitoring, and keeping an eye on the public affairs and affairs of her relatives. , of your children and grandchildren in the physical world and dependent on protection.

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However, not every young girl who dies will become the aunt of the family. It must be a spirit in the underworld, having a predestined practice to follow the Mother religion (the Taoist religion) or Buddhism.
In some cases, the ancestors of the family followed the Mother religion (Fairy religion), if they followed the Lords (for example, Lady Chua Thuong Thousand, Lady Chua Thong Phu), they would have a new title of Lord Ancestor. If you follow most Chuu (for example, Chua Bac Le, Chau Chin, etc.), you will have an additional title of “Adoration To Co”.
If the great-grandmother with the above two titles has practiced well, she has the duty to enlighten, enlighten, guide, teach, and show the way to her children and grandchildren – those who have the capacity and fruit to follow the path of cultivation for them. true to fate.


Mr.Muong, also known as “Mong To”, is a male who died young and unmarried, aged 13 years or older, or a man who lived alone when he died in middle age or old age.
Menh ancestor is a person who practices Buddhism or Immortal (Mother) religion, responsible for supervising, managing, and helping the ancestors’ spirits in the underworld.
Manh Ancestor can only act as Judge (Judge of Hell or Judge of Hell) or Han Sai of Hell, but do not hold any other position. Therefore, when a loved one dies, to pray for 49 days or 100 days in the Gia Tien temple, it is always necessary to ask for the ancestors of the family.
In special cases, the patriarch of the family may be imprisoned in hell due to sins committed when the soul was pre-mortal, at this time he cannot practice cultivation, but if he is freed from the spirit of hell, he will die. will be appointed as Judge or Executor, and then be licensed to practice in one of the two aforementioned religions.

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In Vietnamese spirituality, aunts and uncles are considered very sacred people, playing an important role when worshiping and often helping and supporting their descendants on earth.



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