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The images taken by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are very clear and have high diagnostic value. So, what disease does an MRI scan know, and what is the imaging procedure like? Please read the information in the article below.

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1. What is an MRI technique?

Unlike using X-rays like X-rays, MRI scan uses magnetic fields and radio waves so it is very safe for the photographer. The hydrogen atoms in the body under the influence of this wave will absorb and release Radio Frequenecy (or RF) energy. The MRI machine has the effect of capturing these energies to convert into images, from which we can visually observe the images inside the body.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a modern imaging method

Due to the use of modern technology as above, the images obtained from MRI have very high sharpness and clear anatomical details. In addition, it can also be reconstructed into a 3D model, which is very valuable during diagnosis and treatment. In many cases, MRI is more effective than older imaging methods such as CT scan nice X-ray.

2. What disease can MRI scan?

Method magnetic resonance imaging MRI can capture many parts of the body, each part, this method can detect different diseases, abnormal symptoms appearing inside the human body.

If you are wondering What disease can be detected by MRI? Some diseases that can be detected during an MRI scan are as follows:

2.1. Capture eyes, eye sockets

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can detect damage to the eyeball or the optic nerve.

2.2. Neck shot

MRI of the neck can detect early brachial plexus lesions, which can be said to have very high accuracy in diagnosis. In addition, neck MRI also detects tumors, inflammatory symptoms, and lymph nodes.

2.3. Cranial scan

Detecting diseases related to the brain, can be divided into several groups of diseases as follows:

– Brain neuroma, brain tumor, encephalitis, white matter degeneration.

– Brain bleeding, cerebrovascular accident problems, cerebral infarction.

– Cerebral vascular malformations, birth defects of the brain, traumatic brain injury.

2.4. Spine scan

Spinal diseases are diagnosed by MRI with very high accuracy. Some of the diseases that can be detected include:

– Disc diseases such as discitis, disc herniation.

– Diseases of the spine.

Some diseases of the spinal cord such as trauma, spinal tumours, spinal inflammation, etc.


MRI images of the spine

2.5. Abdominal capture

Abdominal MRI can help diagnose some of the following conditions:

– Diseases of the liver and bile such as liver tumors, gallstones, biliary tract tumors, etc.

– Uterine, prostate, ovarian and rectal cancer, …

Diseases of the adrenal glands, kidneys, diseases of the pancreas or spleen, etc.

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2.6. Osteoarthritis

Performing bone and joint magnetic resonance imaging can detect diseases such as degenerative bone and joint trauma, joint effusion, ligament injury, etc. Images of joint alveolar structure, bones, ligaments, tendons are taken. by MRI is very clear, helps a lot for the process of diagnosis and treatment.


MRI images of bones and joints

2.7. Mammography

Mammography MRI helps in early detection and accurate diagnosis of diseases such as breast infections, malignant tumors, benign tumors, etc.

2.8. Heart and blood vessel scan

Cardiac MRI can detect diseases such as narrowing of blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, myocardial infarction, etc.

2.9. Diagnosis of birth defects

MRI scans for pregnant women also help diagnose fetal abnormalities. Usually indicated for pregnant women with abnormalities on ultrasound, need further clarification on magnetic resonance imaging.

3. How does the MRI scan work?

Magnetic resonance imaging is a modern diagnostic method, but it is only performed under the direction of a specialist. And when taking pictures, it is necessary to follow the rules and instructions of the doctor to make the shooting process fast and accurate.


Perform magnetic resonance imaging at MEDLATEC

The procedure for an MRI scan is as follows:

– Change clothes according to regulations to perform MRI, note removing all metal jewelry such as rings, necklaces, watches, remove devices such as hearing aids, etc.

– Lie in a comfortable position, then the imaging bed will automatically be brought to the same MRI machine. The patient needs to lie still for accurate results and sharpest images.

– The time to take an MRI depends on the part to be scanned, but it only fluctuates under 1 hour. The high-end cameras when shooting will be very quiet and do not cause much noise to create comfort for the user. At MEDLATEC, 1.5 Tesla is used, so it completely meets the above problem.

– In some shooting positions that require holding your breath, the patient should take it seriously so that the imaging results are not affected.

– In some cases, it is necessary to inject contrast medicine to see the image more clearly, the patient will be placed on the elbow vein, after the end of the imaging, the needle will be withdrawn (using a contrast agent with high intensity). may cause the photographer to have an allergic reaction, but this will disappear when using anti-allergy medicine).

– In case the patient is a child, anesthesia will be given during the scan. Note that before the MRI scan, the baby needs to fast for 6 hours, after the scan is finished, eat and live as usual.

The operation of magnetic resonance imaging is very simple, but the patient needs to coordinate and follow the doctor’s request so that the scanning process goes smoothly, the results of the scan are accurate, and the diagnosis is easier.

After having the results of the scan, you will be answered by a team of leading experts with many years of experience and an appropriate treatment plan.

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We hope that the above article has answered the question of what disease an MRI scan can detect. If you have any questions, please contact MEDLATEC at 1900 565656 for advice and answers.

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