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In good purchases online payment Nowadays, e-wallets play a very important role. Using an e-wallet helps you to shorten the time as well as the steps to receive or send money. On the market today, there are quite a few e-wallet applications that work on both computers and phones.

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So actually what is network wallet? Features as well as advantages what is network wallet? All will be answered in the content below.


what is network wallet?


Many people still don’t know What is network wallet? Hearing the name e-wallet, you probably think of a form of online payment. But not only that, e-wallets are now a service integrated on mobile applications or websites. Each type of e-wallet has links or cooperation with many different providers and banks. Using an e-wallet allows you to top up your bank account and pay for products/services instead of cash.

Why should you use e-wallets?

Currently, e-wallets are increasingly popular and appreciated. By restricting cash circulation will avoid inflation in countries. Moreover, your transactions instead of going through the bank, you can do it right away with a few steps on the e-wallet, which is extremely convenient and fast. With a large number of users, you can transfer money from the wallet. your e-wallets to the e-wallets of your friends and relatives at a relatively low fee. At the same time, you can still use the money in your wallet or withdraw to your bank account completely free.

10 popular e-wallets today

Zalo Pay e-wallet


Zalo Pay Currently, the application is used by many Vietnamese people because of its security and simple usage. You can perform many basic services such as receiving money, transferring money, paying bills, etc. just log in with your phone number.

E-wallet MOMO


Momo is an application that is available soon on Android and IOS phones. Momo has thousands of transaction points across the country that support users to transfer, receive or top up within minutes. Momo has many attractive features such as accumulating points for gift exchange, promotions when paying bills, buying phone cards, etc. Momo e-wallet has received many high reviews from Vietnamese users.

Neteller e-wallet


As an electronic wallet that integrates international payments, Neteller Being present in the Vietnamese market has helped freelancers, making money online have a tool to receive money. Just like the e-wallets above, you can completely deposit – withdraw, transfer – receive money internationally in a short time.

Payoneer e-wallet


Payoneer – an international electronic wallet that is familiar to MMOs and freelancers. Payoneer’s global coverage along with convenient pay-out cards allow you to transfer money to another account, withdraw foreign currency to your bank account or withdraw cash at an ATM.

Payoneer is also a service mainly used by giants like Google, Amazon and hundreds of other businesses. It is possible to receive money from an American company for a relatively small fee.

Airpay e-wallet


Airpay is an electronic wallet that integrates many basic features such as: Installment payment, buy movie tickets, air tickets, travel services, entertainment, recharge Garena game, … Using Airpay, you have You can pay online when buying products and services on game portals, shopee, K +, Topica, etc. Airpay e-wallets sometimes have many customer gratitude programs such as giving away up to 20% when buying a phone card. .

Airpay allows you to limit cash in regular transactions. Now all you need is your phone to pay your bills.

VTC Pay e-wallet


VTC Pay is an application developed by the famous company VTC TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITAL CONTENT (VTCINTECOM). The application is currently available on Android and iOS phones. Thanks to the prestige of the VTC brand, VTC Pay e-wallet owns a large number of users in Vietnam, about 1 million customers.

VTC Pay has links and supports from 34 domestic banks and 3 international card organizations. Currently, there are 30,000 transactions via VTC Pay wallet every day, transaction value is about 250 billion per month. You can shop freely from phone cards to airline tickets, etc. or pay at thousands of transaction points that accept VTC pay quickly and conveniently just by QR Code.

VCBPay e-wallet


If you are using Vietcombank’s interbanking or mobile banking services, the good news is that you can now use a new application for fast and free transactions, which is an e-wallet. VCB Pay. VCB Pay allows you to link with your bank account to transfer money to another account, or scan QR codes at supermarkets, bookstores, eateries, milk tea shops, cinemas, hotels, etc. when making purchases and service use.

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In terms of basic features, VBC Pay is no different from other e-wallets. But the advantage is that you can use this e-wallet instead of having to log into the internet during rush hour or late at night.

Payoo e-wallet


Features of buying, selling, transferring money, paying bills of e-wallets Payoo same as other types. You can completely top up money from your personal bank into your wallet and shop at Vietnamese e-commerce sites. Payoo’s transaction limit is 20 million VND/day. This is one of the e-wallets that is considered quite safe.

VnMart e-wallet


Vietnam Mart e-wallet has two types, for individual and corporate customers. If individual customers can buy goods and pay for services online on the website, corporate customers can receive money from products provided to customers via e-wallets. VnMart.

You can do your product search, wallet recharge, payment and transaction history checks completely quickly and simply. On the contrary, businesses can process orders, track bills of lading, update invoice status as well as transaction statements for the month, etc.

VnMart has really built a flexible and convenient payment method for its customers.

Bankplus e-wallet


Bankplus Like a mobile bank, users can fully perform features such as: Fast international cash transfers, anywhere, anytime, including holidays, buy game cards, multi-scratch cards format, computer software or phone application, deposit savings, look up account balances as well as view transaction history, …

If other types of e-wallets can only be used on smartphones, the Bankplus application can be used on both regular phones. Bankplus app Data usage is free, so even if you are outside the coverage area or the subscriber is blocked from communicating at both ends, you can still use Bankplus. Register for Bankplus quite simple via bank or operation on the phone.

In addition, there are many other types of electronic wallets such as Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, Vi Viet, etc., which allow users to perform extremely convenient payment features.

Features of e-wallets

The special features of what is network wallet? What does an e-wallet do for you?

• Transfer money to another account

This feature supports users to transfer money to relatives and friends at any time. Often e-wallets are designed with a very simple operation that helps you send money to another account just knowing your email or phone number.

• Deposit – withdraw money between e-wallet and personal bank account

Free deposit and withdrawal feature allows you to use the money in your e-wallet at any time. Or, if necessary, you can withdraw all the money to your bank account for storage and savings.

• Pay the bill

You can completely pay for electricity, water, internet, prepaid phone, buy scratch cards, … without having to go to agents, transaction points or banks.

• Manage revenue and expenditure history

You want to check your receipts or expenses very easily because every transaction via e-wallet is saved in history. In addition, there are many other features depending on the type of e-wallet you choose. choose to use. In short, e-wallets act as an alternative to cash in transactions as well as an alternative to the bank managing your cash flow. E-wallets are becoming more and more popular in online transactions of customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-wallets

Advantages and disadvantages of what is network wallet? What do you get when you choose this form of electronic payment?

• Advantage

– Safety: Most of today’s electronic wallets are absolutely confidential customer information. Transactions must have a confirmation password, so it is quite safe.– Flexible: Thanks to the integration of many features, you can pay flexibly, receive money – transfer money quickly.– Low cost: Deposit and withdraw money. Free personal banking, international transaction fees are quite cheap.

• Defect

– Some e-wallets only allow you to register for a single account.

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– Users who do not know how to protect personal information can cause the money in the e-wallet to be stolen.

Distinguishing e-wallets from digital banks

For many people who do not know, perhaps digital banking is like an e-wallet. So, what is the difference between digital banking and what is network wallet? If e-wallets only allow customers to transact between accounts with each other and with businesses that accept payments, the digital bank acts as a real bank, allowing: Borrowing from banks , opening a credit card, saving money, participating in insurance, investing, etc. Using an e-wallet has many benefits. Instead of spending bank fees, you can use e-wallets to buy goods on e-commerce websites or send money to relatives. Please refer and choose to use an e-wallet to experience it!

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