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In today’s modern life, in addition to acquiring knowledge at school, soft skills are also one of the things you should learn more about. Among them, it is impossible not to mention networking skills. So why is it important and how can you improve it? In today’s post, Scholarship EZ This will help you understand more. Hope it will be useful to you!

What is Networking?

First, if you want to better understand this skill, you must know What is networking?? Networking is simply understood as the skill of building relationships. It can be seen that building relationships today is a really necessary thing. Networking not only helps you develop a wide network of relationships, but from there can confirm who you are.

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In everyday life, you will come across networking skills It comes in many forms and it happens on a regular basis. It could be attending a course or seminar at school, meeting someone with a good job, meeting friends, old colleagues, etc. These are all common situations of networking.

Why Need Networking Skills?

Understanding the importance of this skill is always something that many people wonder. In work as well as in life, building relationships with colleagues and people is really necessary. Networking has been classified in the form of soft skills that each person should equip themselves on the path of career development.

Networking is considered as one of the important factors leading to success. In today’s chaos of work and life, there will be times when you have difficulty, some problem or need support from someone. networking skills.

Some important points of this skill you should refer to are as follows:

Networking will help you be more confident in communicating with people around.Helps improve your opportunities and career development.Expand more relationships and make new friends.Consolidation and maintain existing relationships.Get more help in life and work.

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How to Improve Networking Skills

Many of you often wonder, so how can you effectively implement networking skills in today’s life? In fact, this is very simple, just know the how to improve networking skills the following, it will be very easy for you to understand and be able to apply it successfully in your life and work.

1. Diversify Relationships

First, you need to know how to diversify your relationships. Never restrict your relationships to just one group or type of person. Because at work, when dealing with non-specialist issues, you will need experts in different fields.

You should look out for people with wide connections as they may be the ones to help you seek help from many other people they know. If you do this, your relationships will become more diverse.

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2. Promoting Friendliness

The second thing you need to promote is friendliness. This is the key to opening all the doors of your relationship. This will show sympathy and impression for those around. From there, expanding your relationships will become easier than ever. Networking skills Yours has since improved somewhat!


Promote friendliness

3. Be Proactive in Relationships

The third factor to improve networking skills That is, you should find ways to be proactive in relationships. This is considered one of the essential things to improve networking skills that you should know.

Introducing yourself will give you confidence when talking to people you’re meeting for the first time. Actively seek out networking events, workshops, etc. or events where important relationships often have, it will help you open up more new relationships in life.

4. Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

The last thing you should know is that quality is often more important than quantity. The number of people you know is often considered unimportant, what matters is the quality of those relationships. To do this, you need to determine what kind of relationships you need? What area should that relationship be in? From there, narrow the scope and focus only on the relationships that you have identified.


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