What is neutral wire?

Knowing the basics of how to operate electricity in production will help you better protect the safety of yourself and your colleagues.

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In the article is the neutral wire live?, we would like to give information about the structure and explain the operation of the neutral wire (also known as the ground wire, the cold wire)…

Does the neutral wire have power?

What is cold wire?


Cool wire N in residential lighting circuits

What is neutral wire? What does the neutral wire do?This is a common question asked by many users. The neutral wire also has names such as: ground wire, ground wire, cold wire, N wire, … used in 3-phase electrical circuits with the role of balancing the voltages of the phases in the circuit, and when used in circuits 1 phase, the neutral wire plays the role of sealing the electrical circuit, helping to put the current into operation in the family.

Misunderstanding about neutral wire


Pink neutral wire in a 3-phase circuit.

With household electricity, it is necessary to distinguish 3 main types of wires:

Hot wire: Carry alternating current. Has a high voltage, causing shock to the touch. Neutral wire: In theory, the neutral wire or ground wire has the same potential difference as the ground, ie voltage = 0, not causing shock to the user. Ground wire: It is important to understand that the ground wire is not the neutral wire (although the neutral wire in theory should not cause shock). The ground wire has the function of leveling the leakage current on the surface of the device to the ground (instead of entering the user’s body), while the neutral wire is used to transmit power to the consuming device. completely different functions and cannot replace or take over each other’s tasks.

Users often confuse the neutral wire and the ground wire, thinking that these two types of wires are 1, leading to unsafety when an electrical problem occurs. Therefore, you need to understand and distinguish these two types of wires to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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Does the cool wire jerk?


Cases of electric shock if touching the neutral wire or the phase wires.

After understanding the overview ofneutral wire conceptwe can proceed to solve the question:Does the cool wire jerk??

In theory, as we have stated, the neutral wire does not carry voltage – ie touch without shock. But that’s just basic physics. In fact, the neutral wire still has electricity and causes shock, because phase difference is very common in electricity transmission in homes and industries, resulting in the neutral wire will always have voltage (large and small voltage). different depending on the phase difference). It is this voltage that will cause electric shock to people when touched, or a slight leak on the surface of the device if grounding is not done.

It is estimated that in the household grid, when phase difference occurs, the voltage on the neutral wire is 5% of the voltage on the phase wire. That is, the larger the voltage on the phase wire, the higher the voltage of the neutral wire, in many dangerous situations that can be fatal.

According to experts, users should be cautious, treat the neutral wire as a normal phase wire, and absolutely do not try to touch, touch or cut it off to avoid causing an electrical accident.

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Hope through the article Is the neutral wire energized?This will be helpful for you.

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