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Nucleotides are chemical compounds consisting of three main parts: a heterocyclic group, a sugar group, and one or more phosphate groups. The most common nucleotides are purine or pyrimidine derivatives and sugars in the form of pentose (5-carbon sugar) deoxyribose or ribose. Nucleotides are monomers of nucleic acids, which bind together to form nucleic acids.

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Nucleotides are the structural units of RNA, DNA, and many other elements – CoA, flavin adenine dinucleotide, flavin mononucleotide, adenosine triphosphate, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate. In cells, they play important roles in metabolism (metabolism) and signaling. Therefore, Nucleotides bring the effects

Natural support…… Increase performance… Increase health… Manage stress

Nucleotides are considered the missing link in modern animal nutrition

Risks of infection for aquatic animals:

+ Infection, trauma

+ Bacteria, bacteria that cause disease

+ Widespread tension, epidemics

Food quality is not nutritionally adequate

These problems reduce yield, quality or even survival rate


Under normal culture conditions in ponds, the supply of nucleotides is ensured through the body’s metabolic processes.

The synthesis of nucleotides, or the reuse of nucleic acids from dead cells and the provision of nucleotides in the diet of farmed shrimp, allows the metabolic peak to be reached and this promotes health, nutrient absorption Nutrition in shrimp body is better

PSB-Complex is a glycoprotein containing Nucleotides and Multivitamins essential for growth, development and high performance in shrimp, fish and other animals.

PSB-Complex facilitates and accelerates the multiplication of cells to carry out the repair of damaged tissues and muscles or to help overcome depression, shock, stress. The effective application of Nucleotides is recognized. determination in the selection of pure RNAs and nucleotides. The purity of nucleic acids facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients in the intestinal tract and nuclear cells.

Each form of PSB-Complex is specifically designed for different species allowing for the acquisition of active ingredients and a positive effect on cell structure. This ensures optimum overall health as well as improved development and performance. Clear impact on gut health: Lengthening of intestinal microvilli and increasing intestinal surface area contributes to improved feed quality and feed conversion.

Feed supplementation with PSB-Complex increases the nutritional value of the feed while reducing costs through its benefits.

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PSB-Complex has been studied as a specific nutrient for the needs of animals and feed variations.

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Therefore, PSB – Complex is a useful addition to modern agriculture. The provision of Nucleotides helps to ensure the overall health of shrimp against adverse environmental challenges (shock, stress, environmental change), facilitating shrimp growth and development.


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