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If you are not in the printing industry, not everyone can know What is offset printing technology? ? Articles below Print Save will help you better understand to offset printing technology and the advantages of this printing method.

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What is offset printing technology?

Hanoi offset printing is a printing technique used quite commonly in the printing industry. Thereby, the ink-stained images will be pressed to offset plates (rubber sheets) and then printed on paper. Offset printing technology If using lithography, it will help prevent water from getting on the paper according to the ink, and also give the best printing quality.

Advantages of offset printing

Offset printing technology gives you a quality print product, clear images, beautiful colors, no smudges when printing. Makes printing easier. Can print on many other materials from flat to rough (such as wood, fabric, metal, leather, rough paper). Helps improve the life of prints for longer.


What is the concept of offset printing technology?

Offset printing technology When it is first put into use, it will help print products of the highest quality, with standard and sharp colors, minimizing printing errors, blurring ink, printing non-standard colors…

Order of offset printing

The first is to install the printing mold on the plate mounting unit, then use a specialized device to put the ink into the trough, spread the ink evenly on the transmission system. Next is to put the paper into the container of the offset printer. Pay attention to align the path of the paper so that it is correct so that when printing it does not deviate and lose content. Finally, bring the system to receive the product and process the printed sheet according to the machine.

Offset printing steps

Steps Cheap offset printing in Hanoi of Saving Printing is done as follows:

Step 1: Preliminary design

Create a complete design on the computer. How you want your printed product to look outside, you have to design your product on the computer the same way. Spend a little more time designing on the machine. Because once it’s printed, it’s very difficult to edit.

Step 2: Output Film

After the master is finished, export the file to outfilm, for products with many colors, the Film will be output into four panels representing the four color layers C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (Black). For single-color prints, there is no need to export film.


CMYK color palette in offset printing technology

Step 3: Expose the zinc plate

When there are 4 films, people bring them to dry one by one on the zinc plate. Here we have 4 zinc plates representing 4 main colors called C, M, Y, K.

Step 4: Offset Printing

People will print the menu color one by one, what color to print first, what color later will depend on the experience of the printer. First, people will choose one of the 4 zinc in the CMYK color system to install on the Offset printer batch.

In the ink input part of the printer, the printer will give the corresponding ink and proceed to print. The roll that rotates over the paper will knock the printing element onto the paper.

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After completing the quantity to be printed, people remove the zinc, clean all the old ink and then install the new zinc. Continue to add the printed paper in the other color and follow the same process until all four colors are exhausted. Four colors overlap for the final print.

In such a printing process, for each color, the printer will have to test about 50 copies for a really stable color. The whole process will fall into about 200 test runs. Therefore, in low-volume offset printing technology, people will have to calculate excess paper for about 200 printed sheets to deduct loss for the test run.


Offset printing technology is widely used today

Step 5: Processing after printing

When printing is complete, the product will be put in for lamination. Lamination is the rolling of a thin film on the surface of the printed paper, this will help the paper to be smoother, making the image more beautiful.

There are two types of lamination, matt lamination and glossy lamination: matt lamination will create a smooth and soft surface, and glossy lamination will give a completely shiny surface.

Lamination is just a form of jewelry after printing a beautiful menu, making the product more beautiful. This step is only performed when requested by the customer.

Besides smooth rolling, after printing, people will use a slitter to trim the finished product, remove excess printing and help the product look more square and beautiful.

Cheap offset printing technology It has been used for a long time in printing. It brings customers high quality products with sharp images, suitable for producing products such as: books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, marketing brochures, name cards, leaflets , posters, vouchers, etc. Printed products have many different sizes depending on the requirements of customers, products are durable, and the prices are reasonable. That is why offset printing technology is so popular.

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If you need to find a professional and quality offset printing factory in Hanoi, please contact us directly for more specific advice.

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