What is On behalf of?

In the TOEIC test, you will come across this structure not only in the Reading section but also in the Listening section. So, to do well when meeting formula On behalf of Sb = On Sb’s behalfyou need:

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Example 1: On behalf of my father, I will give a speech at this event

Example 2: On her behalf, the assistant has run that company for 2 months

Remembering this order saves you time when choosing answers. Usually in the exam, there will be 3 types of questions for this structure:

⭐Form 1: on…. on behalf of –> Choose the answer that is a possessive adjective (my/your/their/the company’s/John’s/…..)

⭐Form 2: on…. of sb –> Choose the answer as “behalf”

⭐Form 3: on behalf of … –> Choose the answer as the object (me/him/her/you/this organization/….)

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Hopefully, through the above small sharing, you will confidently handle questions related to formula On behalf of Sb = On Sb’s behalf in the TOEIC test!

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