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Basic information about Oriflame

Oriflame full name is Oriflame Cosmetics SA (Stella Ivy Cosmetic) is known as a corporation specializing in cosmetics trading with key product lines such as: perfume, personal care, skin care, accessories and food nutritional supplements, this group was founded by brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick in 1967 in Sweden.

Up to the period of 2007, according to a company’s statistics, the personnel involved in the independent sales system has reached a record level of 2,242,500 people. The company is still using the familiar method of doing business and selling directly, also known as Direct Selling, to be able to replace product distributors by itself, thereby bringing in more profits. and faster.

The origin of the name of the brand is inspired by Oriflame, this is the banner of the French royal family in the Middle Ages.


Basic information of Oriflame

The scale of Oriflame’s activities is expanding day by day as they are the owners of large production factories located in countries such as Russia, Poland, Sweden, India, UK, in order to promptly supply products. products that we are developing for each different market and also has its own research center built in Egelosa, home of Sweden.

Most notably in terms of achievements, Oriflame is one of the first companies to successfully participate in the research of plant stem cells in the cosmetic industry of skin care and nourishment. is a great stepping stone for Oriflame to reach future successes.

At the moment, Oriflame is Europe’s largest direct supplier name, as evidenced by the fact that they have a lot of highly appreciated social activities, for example, they are a co-founder. Founder of the Chillhood Foundation with Queen Silvia in Sweden, this is a human bicycle fund with the aim of supporting children with special circumstances to integrate into the community.

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The Truth About Oriflame

In fact, Oriflame is a multinational cosmetics company and mainly uses the form of marketing from a team of consultants to be able to sell directly to customers in need. This company has been operating since 1967 in Sweden and has now appeared in more than 60 countries around the world, including Vietnam.

According to a recent report Oriflame has more than 3.5 million people involved in the global marketing network with a total annual revenue of 1.5 billion euros. Oriflame also participated in the listing on the stock exchange of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Sweden starting in 2004.


The Truth About Oriflame

Above is the history of formation and origin of Oriflame, hope to help you answer the question What is Oriflame? Withcareer handbook This helpful hope you can understand better before choosing this company for business. Good luck!


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