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How to focus when taking photos

webgiaidap.com: Some terms when taking pictures that amateurs often call: focus and out of focus, which means sharp and unfocused photos. In English, it’s focus and front of, behind the focus. In short, for those who buy the device, they think that having a good DSLR camera can take pictures and don’t care about how sharp the image is.
In my understanding: a sharp photo is a photo in which the subject to be mentioned in the picture shows details,no matter the other details.

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So with this point of view, don’t wonder why the picture is blurry, not sharp at all, but still sharp. That picture looks sharp, but it’s out of focus. For example: An internet photo:


A sharp photo:


Basically, looking at the photo above, many people say it’s in focus, but that photo is out of the net, the cause may be an uncertain grip when shooting, shaking or maybe after focusing, the author moved the camera to clumps the picture, leading to being outnet.

So how to sharpen the image:

1. Take a lot to be sure,

Avoid unnecessary hand shake. Some brothers said that the body should be pressed against the cheekbones to make a point to prevent hand shaking. In addition, the body also holds the dress to avoid small vibrations

2. Lens is not front or beside

3. Technical:

Aperture F: Usually the out-of-focus photos are mostly due to the large aperture, ie the small F.

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Therefore, the Dof (depth) of the photo is thin, often portraits or have a type of background removal and out of focus.- Light: The second reason is that the low light also leads to the inability to focus and out of focus. These two often go together. Because of the low light, the aperture is wide open, the speed is slow, the hand shakes – > out of focus :))- Due to the re-composition of the image after focusingThis is the main reason. Because usually when taking portraits, we focus on the eyes and then press the focus lock by holding 1/2 of the shutter button or pressing the lock button, then move to recompose. But when the composition is re-composed, the focus point and the moving point are not in the same plane or we move forward and backward, resulting in the distance to the focus point being changed.


How to fix: move the camera to compose with small oscillations on the same plane perpendicular to the subjectFor Canon DSLRs: there are focus points


You can adjust the focus point by rotating the car wheel on the body and holding part 2 of the shutter button or pressing the * button on the camera to focus. When the rightmost circle is bright, the focus is successful. Press the shutter button 1/2 to take a photo. Through the foregoing, in order to have a sharp photo, the following conditions must be met:Standard lens + Sufficient light + Still subject + Limited aperture (usually shoot with 85mm 1.8 alone to F 2.8 or 3.2 )One of the ways to fix an out-of-focus image is that we use Photoshop by increasing Sharpen, which can be partially saved. However, if it is too high, it will lead to the image being “flat”, which I will explain later. That is the theory, but in practice it is infinite. Hopefully with some of my own experience, newbies like me can take a picture that is not out of focus.

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