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What is Oxidation? Is it the aging process in the human body? Let’s clarify with Electrolyte World and learn about antioxidant therapy.

What is oxidation in daily life? We easily see oxidation everywhere, but not everyone understands the top of this process, not everyone knows what “oxidation” actually is. what. Together with Electrolyte World, answer the question mark “what is oxidation?” right here!

1. Oxidation creeps everywhere in daily life

Try to imagine the apple we cut out or bite into, left for a long time in the air or put in the refrigerator; After taking it out, we will see it change color immediately, yellow and dry. That is the result of oxidation.

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Apples left in the air for a long time can oxidize quickly leading to darkening

Fresh milk after we open the box and not use it all, for a long time it will be fermented, degraded, sour and cannot be used anymore.

Or nails and metal objects we leave outdoors, or soak in water will rust. This is also the result of oxidation.


Metal objects such as iron that are left for a long time are often rusted due to oxidation

Oxidation does not only take place with ordinary objects, but also takes place inside our bodies. You observe on the faces of older people, even young people, there are wrinkles, darkened and ugly skin. The body is weak and contains many diseases. That is due to the effects of oxidation. In other words, aging skin.


Oxidation occurs in the body every day leading to aging, wrinkles, and cells begin to age and weaken…

2. So what is “oxidation?”

We have studied chemistry, surely no one has not heard the phrase “removal of giving – (O) receiving”, right? Specifically, the above statement is that reduction is the process of reducing the oxidation number of that substance. And oxidation will be the process of increasing the amount of oxygen of the substance.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when oxygen reacts with a certain substance (a single element or a compound), resulting in a change in shape and color. Where there is oxygen there can be oxidation.

3. What is the effect of oxidation?

As mentioned above, oxidation will cause the surface of metals to rust, damaging many items and foods.

A notable limitation here is the impact of oxidation on the human body. This directly affects our quality of life.

Due to environmental factors such as radiation, pollution, dust, stress, the foods and drinks we put into the body every day lead to the body being oxidized over time. Leads to aging, aging, and disease in the body.

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4. Application of oxygen and oxidation in life

When it comes to “oxidation” we often think only of destruction and the harmful effects it brings, but in addition to limitations, the process of oxidation also has practical uses in life.

Oxidation is the participation of oxygen in the process. So when it comes to the uses of oxidation in life, it is impossible not to mention the importance of oxygen. Oxygen is an oxidant, so it is an indispensable substance to oxidize nutrients loaded. to feed the body, maintain the respiratory system. From there, it generates energy for living organisms. Oxygen maintains combustion (burning is an exothermic and luminous oxidation) Liquid oxygen is used as an oxidizing agent in rocket boosters. Oxygen is used in welding technology, steel production and methanol alcohol.


Oxygen is widely used in everyday life

5. Fight oxidation and rejuvenate the body with alkaline ionized water

In order to prevent oxidation, it is imperative that we use substance with anti-oxidant effect. Why type alkaline ionized waterIt can reverse the aging process and help rejuvenate the body.

The reason we positive This is because there is a very clear scientific basis. Alkalineized water is commonly known as electrolyzed water, alkaline ionized water, alkaline water or alkaline water.


Alkaline ionized water is called by many different names such as hydrogen water, hydrogen

As for the official calling, it can be called by the following names:

Japanese name: Kangen water (Reconstituted water)English name: Alkaline ionized Water The name was given by a Japanese scientist when he discovered this source of water.Hydrogen Water / Hydrogen Water: In the process of creating alkaline ionized water, more molecular hydrogen (Hydrogen) will be generated, which is a powerful antioxidant, has anti-aging effects and neutralizes dangerous free radicals. Because of this outstanding function, many scientists and consumers also call alkaline ionized water HYDRO WATER, HYDROGEN WATER, HYDRO-RICH Alkaline ION WATER.

ESPECIALLY, Alkaline ionized water has a great function in Antioxidant is because in this type of water is very rich in molecular hydrogen (H2) aka hydrogen.


With a strong antioxidant molecule, hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water has anti-aging effects and preserves youthful beauty

As we all know, the more negative the ORP, the stronger the antioxidant property. So to fight oxidation, we need to add substances with a negative ORP index. Alkaline ionized water has a negative ORP and the lowest of all water types. Therefore, when using this type of water, the substances with antioxidant properties will penetrate deep into the body and destroy the substances that cause oxidation for the body.

Today, to determine the antioxidant properties of alkaline ionized water, hydrogen water, etc.

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Experts recommend should use index ppb (ie dissolved hydrogen concentration). This index has a much higher accuracy than the ORP index, the deviation is low, and the measurer cannot arbitrarily adjust the index as desired.

Read more about alkaline ionized water:https://webgiaidap.com/dinh-nghia-ve-nuoc-dien-giai-ion-kiem

6. Electrolyte machines create the best anti-oxidant alkaline ionized water available today

Electrolyte World is the number 1 prestigious chain of supermarkets and distributors of alkaline ionized water with more than 5 years of experience leading the water purification market in Vietnam. It offers a wide range of the world’s most famous and prestigious brands. Here are the best models that you can refer to:


In short, reading this far, you must have understood more about the phrase “oxidation”, right? So, use alkaline ionized water today to prevent aging and prolong your youth!

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