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What is Google Pagespeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a group of tools from Google designed to help optimize Web site performance. Pagespeed Insights focuses on two issues: page speed and user-friendliness. These components comply with Google’s Web performance methods, as well as automating the tuning process.

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The data will be returned through the PSI report. And suggestions to improve the page will be provided to users by this tool. As of late 2018, PSI is operated by Lighthouse. Therefore, the figures in the PSI report are based on data from the Lighthouse Lab. When scanning the Web, Pagespeed Insights will provide two types of data to users:

The first is the laboratory data (Lab Data) The second is the actual data (Field Data)

Lab Data is collected in a controlled environment. With multiple devices and pre-arranged Internet. Because network and device problems are thoroughly checked. So the returned results will tell the user that the problem is caused entirely by Website performance.

From there they easily find the error and fix it. On the other hand, real data is the data that has been collected through real page loads coming from users. From here, we examine and resolve Page Speed ​​bottlenecks that can occur in practice.

What kind of information does PageSpeed ​​provide about the Website?

Use Google Pagespeed Insights to analyze a Page. The returned results will be different sections and performance metrics of that Web. They will be arranged in the following order:

Speed ​​Score – Speed ​​Score


This Page Speed ​​score is based on data pulled from Lighthouse’s lab. We’ll take a closer look at how this metric is calculated in the following sections.

Field Data – Real data


Consists of 2 main parts: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID). It will return based on Real Chrome User Experience. They are tested for 30 days running Pagespeed Insights .

Lab Data – Lab Data


As noted above, Lab data is based entirely on Lighthouse analysis. These metrics are taken from mobile devices and simulated mobile networks.

Opportunities (Suggestions to improve the page)


In the Opportunities section, PSI offers suggestions on performance metrics to improve load times. Each recommendation will show an estimate of the page load time saved if the PSI hint was implemented.

Users through it to make changes to increase download performance. From there, improve the Website visitor experience when improving Pagespeed Insights.

Diagnostics – Diagnostics


The Diagnostics section provides recommendations on Website development best practices to add to the Web. It will offer a number of support recommendation tools that you can use.

Passed Audits – Passed Tests (Stable components)

The Passed Audits section includes all performance results that have worked well on the Website. The display elements will not need any further editing.

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How is PageSpeed ​​Insights Score calculated?

As mentioned above. PageSpeed ​​Insights results are provided with the Lighthouse API. Google Pagespeed Insights score is no exception. The most important thing to note is: Lightgouse simulates page loading in a pre-ordered environment:

With mid-range network and mobile devices. Some documents on how to calculate Lighthouse have been released by Google Page Speed. They will help us understand more about the origin of Page Speed ​​Insights ranking.

Lighthouse returns a Performance Score for Websites between 0 and 100. 0 is the lowest score, it only happens when Lighthouse is down. <…>. 100 is the highest that a Website has. It represents that the Web is in the Top 98th percentile (on a scale of 100). Score 50 represents the 75th percentile.

Google Page Speed ​​also clarifies: In the Lighthouse Performance category, only the entry in the Metrics section affects the Page Speed ​​score. With Lighthouse 6 (released in May, 2020), it will be measured by the following 6 metrics:

First Contentful Paint – First content displayedTime to Interactive – Time to interactSpeed ​​Index – Speed ​​Index Page SpeedLargest Contentful Paint – Largest element displayed Total Blocking Time – Total blocking timeCumulative Layout Shift – Cumulative layout changes


Lighthouse will use these metrics to create a Performance Rating table. Depending on the score frame, there will be different colors:

0 to 49 (slow): Red50 to 89 (medium): Orange90 to 100 (fast): Green

If you want to know how the index affects the final score. Then please refer to the detailed score of Google Pagespeed Insights.

How does Pagespeed Insights affect SEO?

Google Page Speed ​​will evaluate a part of the Web’s friendliness through the Google Pagespeed Insights score. In fact, this score really has nothing to do with SEO. However, a high score equates to a better experience for visitors.

Search engines through this index will appreciate the Website. At the same time push the ranking of the Web to the table of results more, higher. Although the Page Speed ​​score does not affect SEO. But if it is high, it will help us get more visits and stay on the Web longer.

In short, Page Speed ​​scores have no direct effect on SEO progress or scores. It also won’t improve or lower your website’s rankings. But a high Pagespeed Insights score will result in a great experience.

How to use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Report

We already know the PSI, so how do we use the PSI report? To produce PSI Report, visit the link of PSI, enter your URL and wait for the results to display Page Speed. So then what? Of course, we have to check the data and fix the errors that PSI makes to make the Web work better.

Right below the Opportunities section, click on the words “Show How To Fix”. The files that are slowing down the Website from enumerating, your job is to deal with them to reduce the time it takes for the server to respond.

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In short, if you want a high-quality and optimized website, Pagespeed Insights is the tool for you. You should know how to use this tool properly so that your website can achieve the most perfect quality.

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