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a set of facts or a fixed limit that establishes or limits how something can or must happen or be done:

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The report defines the parameters of best practice at a strategic, operational, and process level within an organization.
broad/clear/general parameters Policies create clear parameters and make it easier to manage everyday business life.
define/establish/set parameters It is important to set parameters for working hours that are reasonably flexible.
performance/price/risk parameters The company has been asked to explain the performance parameters of their scheme.
financial/investment parameters The new investment parameters of the investment fund will allow investors to rebalance their portfolios.

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In reality, however, central banks and researchers do not know the parameters of their models or the exogenous disturbances with certainty.
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At one level of organic matter, the parameters of the production function are significant different from at the other level.
In this system, types are first-order terms, type variables inside types, like in l ist(), express type parameters.
This model was used to analyze the raw data and estimate the parameters shown above directly from the data.
The actual parameter must satisfy whatever assumptions are made about it, or the procedure may abort.
To find the designs with desired link parameters, we can fix some desired parameters and use the remaining parameters as design variables.


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Additional parameters are the plasma beta (ratio of gas to magnetic pressure), relative orientation of field and flow, and equation of state.
It is hard to see how we can usefully study aging and its effects without some reference to such a basic parameter.
Because different species and/or strains can vary in pathogenicity, drug resistance, and other biological parameters, the precise discrimination is important for epizootiological and population biology studies.
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