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Obviously we realize that this world is very competitive. Customers, colleagues today are friends but tomorrow can be enemies. Therefore, in today’s business there is an essential need for cooperation and development. That’s why in today’s article we will share with you a specialized term What is a Partnership?

What is Partnership?

In simple terms, the Vietnamese meaning is understood as a partnership or a cooperative company. Is a form of business or joint venture for development owned by more than one individual or organization.

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Sometimes we should not understand Partnership to mean equality between the parties that it may favor to one side.

When using this form of partnership, you can combine your personal reputation with many other members to improve the company’s personal reputation or jointly run and manage the company more easily. But when using this form, you should note that it is very difficult to raise capital, so it cannot issue shares and is quite difficult to develop.


Is a form of business cooperation or joint venture to develop

What is a Marketing Partnership?

Marketing Partnership is understood as cooperative marketing, which is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship between one company and another organization. We admit that this definition is pretty broad – but that’s because most marketing partnerships will have their own unique attributes.

The focus of a marketing partnership can include larger initiatives like doing a piece of strong research with another company or as small as asking a partner to repost. specific tweets on Twitter. It all depends on the companies involved and their current strategic goals.

Many marketing partnerships start small and grow over time as the two companies understand each other and figure out what works best for each.

The main activities of business partner marketing do are:

Build follow links on relevant blog posts.

Explosive social network sharing new content or upcoming events.

– Exchange emails promoting your respective services or content.

– Webinars are co-produced and co-promoted.

– Live events targeting the same leads.

Conduct a new piece of research together.

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However, you can’t simply cooperate with anyone. There are several important things that must be considered before entering into a new partnership with another company.

When starting a new strategic marketing partnership, you need to follow two criteria to choose the right partner – make sure they are not your competitors and that they serve the same audience as you. Friend.


Collaborative marketing helps businesses sell better

What is Content Partnership?

Simply put, this business form goes hand in hand with the chain of activities and brands through the use of content, contests, and seminars organized by the press.

The purpose of this cooperation is to attract attention and attract readers to increase brand recognition from customers with the company’s brand. Not only that, if cooperation develops, your brand will also build an extremely prestigious image and trust from customers.

When we use content partnership, the name of the business will be advertised in a prestigious way in programs, events, seminars, thereby helping businesses save a lot of advertising budget that the brand was built, covering the whole country.

Normally, a content partnership of an enterprise mainly consists of 4 forms, namely thematic sponsorship, conference sponsorship, big campaign sponsorship and online discussion.


A content partnership of an enterprise mainly consists of 4 forms

Thematic Sponsorship: is the form that the business will make with the media about the organization’s activities and brand.

Conference sponsorship:is a form in which businesses accompany the activities and brands of the newspaper by sponsoring contests and seminars organized by the newspaper.

We can give you an example of this type of sponsorship by TH milk and the Soha organizer with the seminar “Welcoming the wave of clean products”. As a result of this workshop, there were more than 80 articles and 32 newspapers reporting content about TH milk.

Online chat: is a form of direct discussion of businesses with celebrities to answer readers’ questions.

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Sponsor big campaign: is the type of implementing a campaign for a certain brand or brand with a meaningful theme.

Thus, we have explained in detail to you about the type of Partnership as well as what Marketing Partnership is. In the midst of fierce competition between brands, cooperation is the method that will help you get halfway to success. Good luck!

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